Ex-Ukraine head coach Shevchenko becomes the first ambassador of UNITED 24

Former AC Milan live football results hero Andriy Shevchenko becomes the first ambassador of UNITED 24, the charity started by the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky.

In the first half of May, Zelensky launched the fundraising platform, which aims to increase donations to help the country recover from the brutal aftereffects of Russia’s invasion, which began on February 24.

UNITED 24 also focuses on supporting the country’s independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity. The funds raised from the platform would be used in three major areas; defense and demining, medical care, and reconstruction of the war-torn country.

Since Russia’s attack on Ukraine, a lot of sportspersons have been contributing to the war in their own ways, and recently Zelensky’s iconic ‘fleece jacket’ signed and worn by the president himself was auctioned for 90,000 pounds at an auction in London.

According to Football UA, the president wanted someone who is recognised all around the world to be the first ambassador of the UNITED 24 brand. The president feels that 2004 Ballon d’Or winner will be a big factor in winning the war as the authority and trust gained by the former Genoa manager can now be used for the nation’s collective good.

Shevchenko has been putting in efforts to reduce the suffering of his countrymen since the morning of February 24 when the attacks began on his motherland. The former AC Milan & Chelsea striker opened his home to war refugees before calling for more support from top international footballers, which aided Ukraine’s fightback against Russia.

In an Instagram post, Shevchenko revealed that he had been chosen as the first ambassador of UNITED 24. The 45-year old traveled all the way from London to Ukraine to meet the president in his office and stated that he was happier than ever to be back home.

” Every contribution is invaluable as Russia has destroyed more than 7,000 buildings and thousands of kilometres of roads and is killing Ukrainians every day. I thank the President of Ukraine for his trust and this great honour. And thank you to each of you for your involvement! I invite you to contribute to the victory of Ukraine. To the victory of freedom, the victory of the free world,”

Shevchenko wrote on Instagram, as per ua-football.com.

The AC Milan legend further pledged that his priority is Ukraine at the moment and not football despite playing and coaching at the highest level in the sport for more than a couple of decades.

The funds donated at u24.gov.ua would go straight to the National Bank of Ukraine and would help the country in demining, save someone’s life through medical aid, and might help in rebuilding the broken infrastructure.

According to Shevchenko’s post, 7000 buildings and thousands of kilometres of roads have been destroyed by the aggressor country, along with killing thousands of Ukrainians. If people from around the world contribute to the fundraiser, it would be a big victory for humanity.