How to Stream the NFL For Free in 2022

Are you a lover of the NFL sport? Well, you aren’t alone because millions of people around the world follow the NFL. It is, after all, one of the major sports around the world. If you are an NFL enthusiast, you probably already know you can catch NFL games anywhere, from cable TV channels to digital streaming platforms online. You can even find free streaming sites to catch some NFL action (although, don’t look for supreme HD quality in that case). Hold on, though, what if you are in a different region to the US and you have problems streaming NFL content that you desperately want to catch? Well, thanks to a nifty little cybersecurity tool, you now can! Simply put, you need a VPN to freely access NFL streams, that’s all it takes. A VPN is a network security software that both anonymizes and encrypts your internet (a Virtual Private Network). VPNs are offered by several companies today and are quite mainstream. The legitimate versions are extremely safe to use. 

However, don’t expect to pass free. You will need to pay a few dollars a month for a premium VPN that will let you change your internet connection’s geographical location. With a free VPN, you may be severely limited and hacked by third parties on top of that.

Now, let’s get into where you can stream the 2022 NFL for free, followed by official channels and websites that broadcast NFL games. Finally, we’ll show you what you need to do with a VPN in order to access NFL streaming services that are geographically limited.

Where to Watch NFL Streams For Free

To watch NFL streams for free, we’ve compiled a list of several places right here for you;

  1. USTV GO
  2. 123 TV
  3. Live Soccer TV
  4. Live TV
  5. Stream2Watch
  6. StreamNFL
  7. NFLBites
  8. NFLWebcast
  9. SportLemonTV
  10. CricFreeTV
  11. BuffStreams
  12. BossCast

These free streams are mostly gray-area free sites. This means you should check if it’s legal to watch a ‘pirate’ stream in your country. Secondly, you might not get the quality or coverage you were looking for with a completely free stream.

As for free streaming sites that give you access to American television networks for your daily dose of Thursday Night Football, Sunday day games, and more, look no further than;

  • ESPN
  • ESPN 2
  • CBS Sports
  • NBC Sports
  • FOX Sports 1
  • FOX Sports 2
  • The NFL Network
  • NFL RedZone

How about official websites and platforms? Well, here they are;

  • Yahoo Sports App
  • Peacock TV
  • Paramount+
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • SlingTV
  • YouTube TV
  • FuboTV
  • Hulu + Live TV
  • DAZN (Canada)

You’re much better off catching NFL the legal way, which is getting access to one of the official websites and platforms above. To do this from a location outside the US, you have to use a VPN to change your IP address geographically. A VPN will also give you added security by encrypting your internet traffic. 

How to Watch NFL 2022 With a VPN

Remember, you will most likely have to pay a monthly subscription to one of the above official websites and platforms that broadcast the NFL to catch everything (Sunday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, Monday Night Football, primetime games, and more). This means getting a subscription with one of these platforms (if you’re already past your free trial). The recommended VPN for this is NordVPN, due to its high standards and stable global servers.

Here’s what you need to do;

  • Register for a VPN account
  • Download your VPN for your device (or Smart TV)
  • Log in
  • Connect to any American server
  • Navigate to the platforms above and enjoy the NFL from wherever you are!

With a solid VPN in tow, you should have no problem catching NFL on the platforms and websites above from any country outside of the US. Of course, you can still access free streams that are of lesser quality, and a VPN will help you stay secure while you do that.

Sometimes, downloading a VPN is not possible in the first place, if it is outlawed in your country. This is something you have to check beforehand. Alternatively, you could access a free online web proxy just to be able to download your VPN from, say, Nord. Once that is done, close that proxy and simply activate the VPN you have just downloaded! Remember, your VPN isn’t just for the NFL. Any service out there that is geographically blocked can be unblocked by changing to a server where the streams originate from. In some cases, you still might get a blank page where the stream is. In that case, you should clear out your browser cookies, switch to another server in the target country where the stream is, and try again! You will get access eventually. Happy viewing with your VPN!