Baseball Uniform: 6 Things You Must Be Aware Of

Baseball uniforms are worn by all the baseball players across the world while playing the game. The first-ever baseball uniform was worn by the players of the New York Knickerbockers baseball club. This particular match was held in the year 1849. The baseball uniform consists of many parts, including jerseys, caps, vests, gloves, socks, and shoes. These uniforms are available in different colors and logos as per the teams.

Shoes and gloves are considered as one of the most important parts of the baseball uniform, and its color changes according to the team. But nowadays you can find black as the common color for all the teams as it is considered as the universal color which can match with any shade. You can check the glove review on various websites. Socks act at the mercy of the pants, and players can choose the style as per their preference. Most of the players choose solid colors for socks.

Talking about pants, these are also an important part of the baseball uniform, which players can choose according to their preferences. We have seen many modifications in baseball jerseys.

Nowadays, jerseys are available in solid colors with a team logo printed on them. Cap is a must for baseball uniforms, and these are available with their team nicknames and the logo printed on them. The helmet is used in the game to protect the ear and head from the ball. These helmets come with a single ear protector. The batting helmet and catcher’s helmet are different in structure.

There are few things that you would need to take care of while choosing the right baseball uniform. Here is the list.

Color of the uniform

Selecting the right color for the baseball uniform is equally important as choosing the team. You need to choose the color that would match the personality of your team. Most of the baseball teams flaunt red, blue, or black uniforms. Hence you can choose any of these trending colors for designing your baseball team uniform. But make sure to choose only a single color as choosing two colors can spoil the look of your uniform.

Name of the team

You might have seen the unique names of various baseball teams around you. It’s time to choose the best name for your team. Make sure to choose a name that would be unique and easy to remember.


Choosing the right fonts will help you to show the right attitude of your team. Make sure not to focus on glyphs while working on the fonts. For example, if you are thinking about getting tackle twill or screen print, then make sure not to choose any eroded or distorted fonts. Similarly, if you are considering getting the sublimated jersey, then you would not need to think about the type of font.

Team Logo

If you wish to create the right team logo for your baseball team uniform, then it is always advisable to refer to some of the stock photography websites or illustrations. You can start your research for sports logos. You will find tons of logo ideas for free. You can use a website like Canva to create a customized logo.


It is always recommended to keep the design simple while working on your baseball uniform. Make sure not to choose any panel, fancy arm, or shoulder designs. But if you have to, then make sure to choose any two colors to design the same.

Choosing the right fabric

Baseball uniforms are generally lightweight and stretchy. Hence it allows players to move easily and freely while playing the game. These uniforms also come with a sweat-absorbing feature that helps with moisture management. Such uniforms help players to remain dry and comfortable by ensuring good breathability. Hence make sure to choose the fabric with high quality that can withstand the physical nature of the baseball game.

Get inspired by other league teams

Even after the detailed research, if you are not able to finalize the color, logo, or other aspects of your baseball uniform, then it is advisable to refer to the MLB uniform designs. Here you can either decide on a single design or finalize the combination of multiple ones according to your preferences.

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