Gary Lineker Named as the Nation’s Favourite Sports Pundit

We’re a country of sports lovers. No matter if we’re down the local pub to watch a footy match or staying up until the early hours of the morning to watch a boxing game, there’s no doubting that we’re addicted to sports TV.

In a recent survey conducted by Freesat, it was found that Gary Linaker, who presents Match of the Day, is the nation’s favourite sports pundits. 35% of respondents named the man as their favourite presenter, beating Wimbledon favourites Claire Balding and Sue Barker to the number one spot, who both had 18% of votes each.

Fellow Wimbledon fan, Jon McEnroe, made the fourth spot on the list with 15% of those asked citing him as their favourite presenter. Closely following were Sky Sports presenter and Manchester United footballer, Gary Neville, and ITV presenter Gabby Logan.

The full list is as follows:

  1. Gary Lineker
  2. Claire Balding
  3. Sue Barker
  4. John McEnroe
  5. Gary Neville
  6. Gabby Logan
  7. Rio Ferdinand
  8. Jonny Wilkinson
  9. Michael Atherton
  10. Nasser Hussain

Freesat spokesperson Guy Southam commented: “It’s unsurprising that the most popular pundits are those who appear on free channels as this is where people tend to watch most of their sport, even those who have expensive sports TV subscriptions.

“Last year, of the 250 sporting programmes most watched by Sky TV viewers, every single one was aired on free channels, with Euro 2016, The Olympics, The Rugby Six Nations and Wimbledon dominating the list. Last year, many of these customers would have been paying £49.50 for access to a Sky sports bundle.”

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