62% of Brits “Show Off” on Social Media Whilst at the Gym

While we’re a nation of show-offs, it seems like some of us are using our exercise regimes as an excuse for posting content on social media.

According to new research, so-called “Boastful Brits” are turning to social media to share their workouts with friends.

The survey, which was conducted by Beabetteryou.com, asked over 2,000 adults in the UK. It found that almost two-thirds actively use social media when working out; 29% confess to checking-in on Facebook and 23% admitting to uploading images to Instagram or Snapchat.

The rise in fitness apps such as the Fitbit, Map my Walk and Stava becoming increasingly popular, gym-goes are able to share their fitness achievements with a single click of a button.

When asked for the reasoning behind why they share their gym activity on social media, almost a fifth (18%) said that they feel the need to post evidence for working out in a bid to impress their online followers.

Due to the fact that the research discovered that half of Brits regularly look at social media influencers within the fitness industry to inspire them when working out, it suggests that the online world is playing a key part in our fitness and activity regimes.

Managing director of Beabetteryou.com, Simon Bubb, commented: “Social media is such a huge part of our daily lives now, it’s to be expected that our fitness routines would somehow integrate with our social network.

“That said, it’s important for Britons to remember that working out should be about personal development and health. It’s not a competition and it shouldn’t be about impressing others.

“While being proud of our efforts at the gym is a positive thing, and using this to inspire others is also great, we need to be mindful not to show off or appear to be doing something for social recognition alone.”

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