Expand Your Mind and Improve Your Health

As time goes on, doctors are learning more about how your mind and mental health can impact or improve your overall well-being. Make sure you are doing things to safeguard your brain. 


Some hobbies can help to improve your mental functions. Keeping your mind healthy and active is a part of protecting and even improving your mental well-being. Some of the things you can do can be enjoyed by yourself, like playing an instrument. There are also things you can do with others, like playing cards. The key is keeping your mind active, either by strumming a tune on a guitar or strategizing to win a game of rummy. 


Your environment can also affect your health. For example, having a demanding job in a fast-paced city can take its toll by increasing your stress levels. Although stress isn’t avoidable, there are things you can do to counterbalance its effects. 

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Stress has been proven to have negative effects on your body and mind. This negativity can manifest itself in ways that can change both your mood/thoughts and behavior. One common example of how stress can alter your mood and actions is your body’s reaction to anxiety. 

Too much anxiety can cause a headache. Not feeling your best can lead to strained relationships, both personal and professional. It can affect your ability to get a good night’s sleep. It can also lead to health problems like high blood pressure and obesity. 

Stress can have a domino effect on your well-being. Before you find yourself in a dark place, desperately trying to get back to where you need to be, take steps to safeguard yourself. 

Dance It Off

There are several different things you can do to relieve stress and stay healthy. Turn up the music and dance your worries away. Okay, maybe your cares won’t disappear, but their power to overwhelm you will. Increasing your heart rate through aerobic activity, like dancing, releases a hormone in your blood that helps to keep stress from overwhelming you. 

What better way to burn off stress than to have a bit of fun doing it? The beauty of dancing is it can be done in the privacy of your living room, out with friends at a nightclub or learning some new moves within a class. Have you ever seen someone not smiling when they’re dancing?


Another way to keep stress in check is to explore your creative side. Art is a great way to let your imagination loose. Not only that, there are so many different outlets, you’re sure to find something you enjoy. Not everyone is able to draw or paint, luckily, you can also try your hand at photography or writing. Let your heart be your guide, and don’t worry about following any rules. That’s part of the beauty of expressing your own creativity; you get to create whatever it is that makes you feel good. 

If you’re worried about your creative output, your writing doesn’t have to be fictional. Journaling can be just as effective as poetry or a short story. Putting your thoughts and feelings down is a healthy way to process them instead of letting them gnaw away at you. 

Stress is unavoidable; how you manage it, instead of letting it manage you, is how you stay healthy.

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