The Incredible Health Benefits of Eating Dandelion Roots

Most people see a dandelion and want to spray them with herbicides, so they die. But the next time spring rolls around and you see those beautiful yellow flowers bursting forth, consider doing something else instead. Not only are dandelions one of the first foods for bees in the early spring, but they are also filled with nutrients from the flowers to the roots. The roots in particular have been found to contain incredible components that can help your health in numerous ways. Here are some of the incredible health benefits of eating dandelion roots.

They Reduce Inflammation

Everyone experiences inflammation in their bodies to some degree. Whether it’s those sore joints or feeling puffy after eating a sugary treat, inflammation doesn’t do the body any good. In fact, too much inflammation can lead to cellular damage. Additionally, inflammation is one of the many markers of autoimmune disease. Taking over-the-counter meds can help, but they also have their own side effects and downsides if taken too frequently. Using dandelion root to lower inflammation can help with anything from headaches to joint pain. More research is needed in this area, but dandelion root does have some amazing abilities.

Dandelion Root Can Help Control Blood Sugar

Many people experience the effects of the roller coaster that comes with eating sugary foods. You get amped up and then dropped like you’re at the top of a big ride. This up and down effect can lead to moodiness and eventually insulin resistance in the body. While you can rip up the roots and consume them, most people prefer a supplement like MINDBODYSKIN which already contains dandelion root in the ingredients. Some studies show that dandelion root helps the body produce enough insulin and also improves the uptake of sugar into the cells to be used by the body.

It Boosts Skin Health

Whether you deal with acne or dullness, finding the right supplements to improve your skin health is important. Most people know that collagen helps the skin, but few people know how effective dandelion root is at improving your skin health. It’s especially helpful in reducing the negative effects of sunlight on the skin and can also improve skin tone that’s been deteriorated by acne and acne scars. When you want better skin, look to add some dandelion root to your diet.

Contains High Amounts of Nutrients

Most people don’t think of dandelions when they think of nutrients, but everything from the root to the flower on a dandelion is edible and filled with goodness. If you want more magnesium, iron, potassium, or calcium in your diet, you can get it from dandelions. Additionally, they contain fiber, vitamins E, C, K, and A, and also folate which is an important nutrient during pregnancy.

Improves Detoxification

One of the main organs in your body that aids in detoxification is your liver. When the liver is fatty or has too much strain placed on it, there are more toxins in your blood that can cause cellular damage and lead to cancer and other diseases. By adding dried dandelion root or drinking tea made from dandelion root, you can improve your liver health and detoxification pathways. Improving liver health has numerous benefits including more energy, better skin health, and mental clarity.

Fights Off Bacteria

There are many plants that are natural antimicrobials, dandelion root included. This root helps slow the growth of bacteria and other harmful pathogens. This means that the body is better equipped to fight off sickness and can stay healthy even during cold and flu season. The immune system is made stronger by components in the dandelion root.

Kills Cancer Cells

While you can’t take enough dandelion root to kill off an active cancer disease, dandelion root has been shown in studies to kill off individual cancer cells. This means that if you regularly incorporate dandelion root into your diet that you may be able to prevent cancer from taking root and spreading in your body.

The nutrient density, immune-boosting effects, and antimicrobial benefits are all part of what makes dandelion root so amazing. So instead of spraying your dandelions with weed killer this coming year, consider ripping them out by the roots to use for your health. Add the greens to salads, make tinctures with the flowers, and dry and grind up the roots to use in teas and other applications. 

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