2022: Watch out for these 3 Metaverse Crypto Coins based on Avalanche

Not everyone gets into crypto trading because it is demanding and complicated, therefore you need a crypto engine website to help you out. Moreover, here are the top 3 Avalanche-based Metaverse Crypto Coins:

 # Heroes Chained aka HEC 

The current market cap of HEC is $8.3 million, and it was just launched a few months ago, in January of 2022. It is considered one of the most underrated crypto coins as far as Metaverse is concerned. This digital asset is based on the Avalanche Network, which is now being promoted as the HEC. Now, it is an emerging RPG game that allows all the players to evolve into guild masters in the game, and they also have an incredible option of becoming their own heroes as the game progresses. This is a unique feature that had not been introduced before in any of the previous iterations of the game, which is one of the highlighting reasons that it became quite prominent in such a short time.

Now, if we talk about the structure and phenomenon that this game operates on, then the play-to-earn model is an identifying feature of this game that allows them to make passive income for themselves along the way. The entire play-to-earn model resides on the concept that the gamers will be rewarded for their subsequent participation in the gaming ecosystem. Here, the inherent gameplay usually consists of players doing and indulging in a bunch of activities. These activities differ in nature according to their relevance.

The interested players or gamers can easily build their own version of clans down the line, and they can also craft gears. In addition to this, the players involved in the game also have an option to upgrade their respective caravan, among all other prominent activities. Now, this Heroes Chained Metaverse has caught the attention of worldwide investors as well. This version of Metaverse will feature a number of intriguing tournaments depending on the scenario. These tournaments will be helpful for all the players, and such players can even test their inherent skills.

Moreover, they also enjoy an option to take on the prominent & highly engaging PvP battles. You might wonder at some point what will PvP battle will do? Well, it will help the players and will give them a fair chance to earn rewards as they continue in the game and keep on defeating the opponents that come along. Now, the main & underlying focus of the game is to improve the entire gameplay itself so that players can have more freedom to operate. This entire Metaverse is built on the concept that players that are present in the forefront will experience an unprecedented flow of fun and will also leverage an engaging experience.

# Kalao aka KLO 

Kalao first came into existence in the year 2021, and it is yet again an extremely underrated Metaverse coin. All the crypto coins have their respective unique features that favor a range of users across the world. This crypto coin aims to successfully unlock the latent & full potential of the digital ecosystem, which is now being referred to as the Metaverse. It will now bring forth virtual reality forward along with the prevalent NFT tech, which will be able to look into the real-world cases which have actually occurred in the public domain.

Now, Kalao is also famous for being an NFT ecosphere that aims to offer a low-cost & incredibly easy-to-use digital ecosystem of the marketplace as far as Avalanche network is concerned. Moreover, the framework that is currently being used by the Kalao will later be used to accelerate the subsequent adoption of the digital ecosystem or Metaverse for all the used cases in the business.

# Avaxtars Token aka AVXT 

This platform was launched in the October of 2021 and was built on the network backed by Avalanche. It is an NFT-based game model which is compatible with the play-to-earn. Players can earn their respective AVXT tokens for their exclusive participation in the entire ecosystem. Hence, the native token on this platform is known as AVXT, and it is profusely used in gaming activities.