MetHUHverse, Metahero and the Metaverse How HUH Token went from 100% to 6000%

Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement of a Facebook redesign raised the collective eyebrows of millions. One of the world’s most popular social networking site has been given a new name: Meta. The metaverse is envisioned as the future of the internet by Zuckerberg and many other Internet entrepreneurs. New and innovative cryptocurrencies, such as Metahero (HERO) and HUH Token (HUH), as well as NFTs, are important components of the metaverse.

The COVID-19 epidemic, and more recently and specifically Omnicron, has blurred the barriers between reality and the digital world, causing us to rely even more on technology than before. All of the components for a completely immersive online environment are starting to come into play, from remote socialising, to working from home, to sophisticated augmented reality games.

It is unarguable that looking forward is vital, yet some have criticised the metaverse is going too far.


Metahero is one of the most ambitious undertakings to come from the metaverse. The combination of 3D scanning technologies and NFT smart contracts is at the core of Metahero. This method generates one-of-a-kind digital replicas of actual real-world artefacts. Physical pieces of art can be transformed into ultra-realistic NFTs, but that’s not all. People may be scanned and then join the metaverse as avatars that look like them.

Wolf Studio, a major gaming, music, and fashion tech business, has teamed with Metahero. There are plans to deploy 12 scanning chambers in high-traffic locations of major cities, with the first now operational in Doha, Qatar. To utilise these scanners, HERO tokens will be needed, and possessing HERO grants access to their environment. Metahero aspires to be a link between the physical and the digital worlds.


HUH Token is creating new ground in a somewhat different method, but with same lofty goals. It’s been dubbed the world’s first utimeme. This phrase is a combination of the words “utility” and “meme,” and it describes how HUH should be seen. HUH Token combines the community and popularity of a meme currency, such as Dogecoin (DOGE), with the functionality of a utility coin.

HUH Nation is the name given to the community that HUH wishes to establish. This is aided by an intelligent referral mechanism that has been in place since the coin’s introduction on December 6th. Existing holders have a strong motivation to share their holdings and urge others to invest in HUH. The referrer receives 10% of the price that a referral first invests in HUH, paid in BNB.

There is also automatic incremental gain that incentivises long-term ownership by adding a tiny charge to each HUH transaction and redistributing it around the community. The HUH token’s plan includes an eventual NFT marketplace, as well as an app, and a social CRM system to increase client involvement and a true community feel.

If it continues on the same road as HERO, HUH Token seems to be a highly intriguing investment. With one eye on the metaverse and one on the community, HUH is certainly one to keep your eyes on.

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