The No Muss No Fuss Look at Meme Coins You Deserve: Floki Inu, Shiba Inu and HUH Token

It’s easy to get dodged down by the incessant bombardment of crypto-this and crypto-that, and it’s likely you’ll have switched off before you get to the good stuff.

That’s completely understandable, so here’s what you need to know about becoming a holder of Floki, Shiba Inu or the emerging front runner HUH Token. In a simple no muss, no fuss manner that you deserve.

What is a Meme Coin?

A meme coin is a kind or type of cryptocurrency that’s success is directly linked to its social media presence and popularity.

At first that might seem pointless, but the growth of meme coins has been unparalleled and the reason for that is, most of the world is online, plugged in and watching… and the meme coin creators know this.

A greater reach equals a greater return and that’s why the investment in meme coins is skyrocketing and the more traditional trust in whale crypto, like Bitcoin, is lessening.

How Do I know if It’s Real?

Each Cryptocurrency goes through a series of audits to prove it’s real and not some hoax or scam. When this is proven by third party (not affiliated with the cryptocurrencies) companies the greenlight, blue tick, or whatever you associate with being ‘real on the internet’ has occurred, in techy terms that’s a White Paper.

HUH Token, for instance, recently received its White Paper after being audited by the likes of Certik.

The White Paper can offer peace of mind to holders and potential holders within the Crypto world.

A White Paper equals validity.

How Do I Know Which Coins Are Best?

The Cryptocurrency world can be overwhelming at times but that’s an illusion because there are simple ways to know which currency will serve you best.

For instance, most, if not all currencies are currently held on a singular blockchain meaning that they are susceptible to extreme volatility as the organic nature of the market falls and rises.

HUH Token have revolutionised the market by customising a multichain where Ethereum and Binance run alongside one another for the benefit of HUH Tokens holders.

A stronger protection against the sometimes-turbulent winds of organic markets.

Shiba Inu and Shiba Floki allow the holders of their currency to benefit from the power of social media and popularity but are unequipped to challenge HUH Token’s multichain when it launches on December 6th.

If you can’t wait for the 6th of December, HUH Token is currently in its presale that many holders have already taken advantage of, and you shouldn’t miss out on that.


What You Deserve

Clarity is everything and that’s what meme coins offer, especially going forward in the ever-growing world of cryptocurrency.

Missing out on emerging currencies could be the difference between small windfalls and generational wealth, especially where HUH Token is concerned.




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