New Year, New You, New Crypto? Shiba Inu, HUH Token and Safemoon V2

With the launch of HUH Token, the world’s first Utimeme skyrocketed to the stratosphere, and it appears that an increasing number of crypto enthusiasts are becoming holders of HUH Token in such a short period of time, could this be the reason why HUH Token saw a 6000 percent increase in just a few days?

While those numbers spin in your and my heads, it’s simple to see why Shiba Inu had such a significant spike this weekend, despite the Bitcoin market’s drop.

Safemoon, on the other hand, appears to be sharing the top altcoin slot, at least in terms of popularity, with HUH Token, after Safemoon successfully delivered its V2 version.

Is the success of HUH Token, Shiba Inu, and Safemoon a taste of what’s to come from altcoins, or is this the reason the altcoin market is having such a bullish season this December and why these coins could be a part of the new you in the new crypto year?

HUH Token Are Set To See A Great New Year!

Given that HUH Token only launched on December 6th of this year, the percentage rise recorded by HUH Token is nothing short of remarkable, and it appears that HUH Token may have assisted in the creation of a bullish market this Christmas season.

HUH Token not only saw a 6000 percent market rise, but also over 12,000 wallet holders with aims of 1 million in 3 months and an estimated $10 million in trading volume in just seven days, to mention a few.

Investors appear to be migrating away from major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, as altcoins like HUH Token look to have better growth potential, as evidenced over the last week.

If you’re interested in becoming a HUH Token holder, HUH Token is presently offering a unique referral code system that will see you gain a 10% BNB benefit on the referee’s initial deposit and the referee will receive a 10% sales fee reduction for each new HUH Token holder you suggest.

Get this: the code can be used by other persons, so the advantages keep piling up in your favour.

This could also happen since HUH Token  burn $4million worth of its own HUH Token pool this week, increasing the value of HUH Token for its community. In addition, HUH Token is accessible on BitForex, however you can currently buy it on PancakeSwap or their personal website, whilst checking out its stats and figures on the likes of, and to mention a few.

Remember that before purchasing any cryptocurrency, you should conduct your own research about the coins, tokens, and market to ensure that you are well-informed.

Shiba, Shiba This New Year

Shiba Inu fell somewhat over the weekend, but it quickly experienced a significant market surge when a whale investor bought 50 billion Shiba coins, worth roughly $1.8 million.

There are currently 549,057,767,444,318.66 SHIB in circulation, which is among the bigger sell-offs of currencies this week, allegedly owing to the Omicron variation.

The alleged Ethereum whale investor now owns a significant amount of SHIB.

Given the bullish position of the cryptocurrency market this month, it appears that the market will recover in the same length of time as it took to sink somewhat.

Shiba Inu’s entry into the metaverse and wider use availability as a result of this might see Shiba Inu rise once more… SHIB holders are also enthusiastic for Shiba Inu’s entry into the metaverse and greater use availability as a result of this, which could see Shiba Inu skyrocket once more… However, for the time being, the Ethereum whale investor is the dip’s saviour.

A New Moon’s Excitement; Safemoon

Safemoon switched from V1 to V2 status this month, and analysts predict it will improve from its current loss-state.

Experts predict Safemoon will reclaim its former glory in the new year, bringing with it a slew of additional altcoins like HUH Token and Shiba Inu, however it appears such altcoins may not require Safemoon’s assistance.

In compared to Safemoon’s V1 condition, Safemoon holders should see an increase in safety, quality, and accessibility with the V2 update in place.

This could indicate that the current popularity of Safemoon is indicative of the altcoin’s rise in the coming weeks, as well as what the same viral-internet-popularity has done and will do for HUH Token and Shiba Inu.


Remember, before investing in any cryptocurrency, you should conduct your own research into the ones that appear to be promising. You can do so by clicking the links below or by searching the coin.


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