Baby Doge Coin, Walmart and HUH Token’s NFT Release

Walmart and HUH Token looks to be preparing to join the metaverse. Walmart have made moves with patent filings suggesting that it intends to build its own cryptocurrency and nonfungible token (NFT) collection. Also, HUH Token will be sending their exclusive presale NFTs towards the end of this month with their marketing push on Instagram and Twitter.


On December 30, the international retailer registered many new trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, but they went unreported until a CNBC article on Sunday shed additional light on Walmart’s plans.

At the time, Walmart submitted seven patent applications, three of which were under its current advertising subsidiary “Walmart Connect.”

Plans were included in the applications to develop and sell “virtual items,” such as electronics, toys, appliances, clothes, and home décor.

There’s also talk of a “digital currency” and a “digital token,” as well as the ability to purchase and sell NFTs.

Meanwhile, a second application reveals that Walmart aims to trademark the Walmart brand name and logo in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), with the prospect of delivering “physical fitness training services” in VR and AR.


This is the most recent in a series of incidents suggesting Walmart’s interest in the metaverse. HUH Token is also trying to enter the Metaverse market with the creation of their social platform MetHUH. It’s being designed to be the social hub of web3.0 with potential for monetisation of social sentiment.

HUH Token released late last year in December 2021. It saw great success as it climbed more than 4500% in less than a week. It has since fallen with the bearish market we are currently having. To combat this, they are planning on having over 500 contracted influencers posting about the token within the week. This could cause HUH Token to combat this crypto crash.

Walmart also teamed with crypto ATM company Coinstar and crypto-cash exchange Coinme in October to deploy 200 Bitcoin ATMs in its locations throughout the United States.

Since 2018, Walmart has started using blockchain technology for supply chain management, consumer markets, and smart appliances.

According to Morgan Stanley analysts, the metaverse might provide a $8 trillion potential for merchants. Having big companies like Walmart moving towards this sector could be a good investment indicator.


Baby Doge Coin was founded on June 1, 2021, with the intention of creating a meaningful decentralised meme project.

Crypto aficionados refer to it as a fun meme with a serious aim to propagate. In only 21 days, Baby Doge established a record with over 250,000 holdings and a market valuation of more than $500 million.

Baby Doge coin holders will get extra Baby Doge Coins automatically supplied to their wallets merely by holding Baby Doge coins, this is the same techonomic concept HUH uses. Each transaction generates extra HUH Tokens for the community.

In 2022, Baby Doge Coin passed the 1.2 million token holder threshold while increasing by more than 100 percent, this is mainly attributed to their NFT collections. HUH is also joining the NFT markets by providing all of their presale members with exclusive NFTs. Perhaps this will help mitigate some of the negative attention the token has come under from it’s presale vesting.

As always, this article is not investment advice and it is intended for educational and entertainment purposes.

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