Reasons for hiring a private investigator for your business

Reasons for hiring a private investigator for your business

Running a business is tough, and it’s made tougher when you have reason to believe that something is being hidden from you. Private investigators can be used in a variety of business situations and they can help you uncover the truth when it would have otherwise stayed hidden.

If your business is being defrauded in any way it could be costing you millions.  Private investigators are affordable and are one of the most cost-effective ways of saving money for your business. Imagine this, you are paying an employee £3000 per month salary, but they are now off on sick when they aren’t really sick. Not only are you paying their salary but you are also paying someone else to cover for them. This also makes your business less effective as this could stop it from being as efficient.

Staff absenteeism costs businesses millions per year, and if you suspect employees are faking sickness or you have a gut feeling that something is wrong then hiring a detective can set your mind at ease.

But what exactly can a private investigator help with?

A private investigator can help your business in a wide variety of situations. For example, you may need to find someone who has gone missing, maybe they owe your business money or have stolen something from you.

A private investigator can also help track and locate vehicles. If you leave your employees to drive your vehicles for work but find out they are using them for personal reasons then it could cost your business a lot of money. Not only are they using up the company fuel but their also using vehicles that need regular maintenance and they could also be leased to a certain mileage agreement.  Private detectives can install GPS systems and monitor your fleet of vehicles to make sure they are being used as they should be.

Helping with fraud

Private investigators can also help in cases where money is being stolen from your business or other assets. Both are very hard to prove so hiring a PI will allow someone from the outside to come in and monitor your business and conduct checks that will expose any wrongdoing. 

Private investigators can also be hired to conduct background checks on potential employees that have been sued or have had problems in their previous jobs. Avoiding this will save a business owner money and hours of potential problems.

Keeping your business competitive using private investigators.

A private investigator can be hired to keep your private information a secret. In the world of corporate espionage, competitors will go to the extremes to get an advantage over each other, one way of doing so is by illegally bugging another person’s office or warehouse to uncover trade secrets.

Private investigators can be used to run regular bug sweeps to keep your data safe and away from prying eyes and ears.

Delivering your documents legally

You may need someone who you can trust to deliver documents in a safe and legal way. A private investigator can be used for this and lawyers and solicitors often need the help of a private investigator to deliver their legal documents. If your business has a legal department and you need help delivering legal documents then a private investigator may be able to help.

Background checks pre and post-employment.

Ideally, your business would want to conduct background checks before employing any staff but sometimes this isn’t possible.  

You may have employees at your company that you would consider for a promotion to a more senior role, if they have worked at your company for years then you may also consider them trustworthy. However, it could be the case that they just haven’t been caught doing anything wrong, that’s where hiring a private investigator comes into play.

Background checks are important in business so you don’t hire or promote the wrong people. These choices can have a huge effect on your business so when you need to get it right you should consider hiring a private detective for your business.

Tracing assets

If something has been stolen or your business has been scammed then you can hire a private eye to get your assets back. There have been stories over the years where business partners have emptied company accounts and have left the country. In an instance like this, a private detective would hunt down the fraudster and recover the assets in a legal manner.


Hiring a private investigator isn’t like the movies where a spy will do all sorts of cool things to give you the desired outcome. In the real world, a private detective will analyse the data they have to make educated choices on the best course of action to take. A private detective is like a business consultant that can give you peace of mind when it comes to your business.