10 of the Best Topical Pain Relief Products

If you’re looking for an effective topical pain reliever, then you’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll review 10 highly regarded and widely used products that may provide some degree of relief for your aches and pains. Use this information along with the guidance of your healthcare professional to help find lasting freedom from your discomfort.

Product Number One: Biofreeze

Biofreeze is a menthol-based formula that creates a cooling sensation when applied to the skin. It’s available in cream, patch, foam, and roll-on forms. Its main benefit seems to be its quick-acting effect. Biofreeze is sold online and at many local retailers.

Product Number Two: Tiger Balm White Ointment

Tiger Balm contains a mix of camphor, menthol, and herbs such as clove. It does have a strong scent, so you may want to use just a little at first to see how you react to it. The white ointment will not stain skin or clothing, unlike the older, orange-colored version.

Product Number Three: Icy Hot

Icy Hot uses a mixture of menthol and capsicum extracts to provide a quick cooling sensation followed by relaxing warmth. It’s available both as a rub-on balm and as a roll-on. Icy Hot has been around for decades and has a loyal following of devoted users. But some people find that it irritates their skin, so use it with caution.

Product Number Four: Salonpas Patches

Once applied, Salonpas patches create a quick, powerful, warmth-inducing effect that can last for days. They are often used in medical settings and by professional athletes.

Some people find that Salonpas patches are uncomfortably hot and are difficult to remove once applied. However, they’re worth considering if your goal is to obtain fast, heat-based relief.

Product Number Five: Voltaren Gel

Voltaren is available both over-the-counter (OTC) and in prescription strengths. It contains a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) medication clinically proven to reduce discomfort from arthritis and other joint-related conditions. It has a mild scent that most people find tolerable.

Voltaren is primarily used on small joints like the wrists and fingers. Make sure your doctor or pharmacist knows that you’re using Voltaren, especially if you take any other NSAID products.

Product Number Six: Lidocaine Patches

Like Voltaren, lidocaine patches are available both in OTC and prescription strengths. They work well on small areas of the body that suffer from continuous pain. The chief side effect seems to be minor skin irritation that usually goes away after a short while.

Lidocaine patches can be administered shortly before bedtime to provide lasting relief throughout the night. It’s important to use them exactly as recommended by your healthcare professional. Overuse can create excess levels of lidocaine in your bloodstream, which may prove fatal.

Product Number Seven: JR Watkins Pain Relieving Liniment

This is the flagship product of the venerable Watkins line of healthcare and household items. It’s been around since 1868, so it has the benefit of being a trusted and well-established brand.

Watkins liniment comes in two forms: a red formula, which is best applied to the body with a cloth rag, and a white formula, which can be rubbed into the skin like moisturizing cream. Spray bottle versions are available as well.

The red-colored formula is known for being very warm, while the white version has a pleasant cooling effect. Menthol and camphor are the primary active ingredients. Millions of people have used these products over the years and found mild relief from their discomfort.

Product Number Eight: Aspercream

Aspercream is another product with a long history. It uses a topical analgesic called diclofenac. Some forms of Aspercream also use lidocaine to provide additional relief.

Aspercream is available as a cream, as a roll-on, as adhesive patches, and in a dry spray form. It comes in both scented and unscented versions. You can find it online and at major retail outlets.

Product Number Nine: Hemp Emu Cream

This pain reliever uses hemp extracts blended with menthol, eucalyptus, aloe vera, jojoba oil, and emu oil. The product manufacturer claims that it helps to open the pores and deliver the medication to where it’s needed. Hemp Emu Cream has generally favorable reviews and is available at online retailers.

Product Number 10: Hempvana Pain Relief Cream

Hempvana pain relief cream uses a proven pain reliever called trolamine salicylate, which is known for being both safe and effective. It also contains hemp seed oil, which helps to moisturize the skin and lock in the medicinal benefits.

While this product is still fairly new, Hempvana pain relief cream reviews are extremely positive. Some people say it’s the best topical pain reliever ever. We personally agree, but we leave it up to you to make the final judgment.

Summing It All up

So there you have it: 10 options for relieving your aches and pains. Try a few of them and see if you feel better afterwards. You might just find the ideal product you’re looking for. We wish you all the best in your quest to live a better, happier, more pain-free life.