Is Manuka Honey Good For Skincare?

Natural health products are used more commonly these days, which has led to Manuka honey becoming popular. This product is more powerful than the honey we may be familiar with, it boasts antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and can be used to promote gut health and healing. Below, we’ll look at how this product works, and what it can be used for.

What is Manuka honey?

Honey has been used to sweeten our foods for generations, but this particular type of honey is different, as it comes with a long list of benefits. Manuka honey comes from New Zealand and is produced by bees that pollinate the Manuka bush. This results in the honey’s deep colouring and contributes to the powerful health benefits that it can bring. Manuka honey must be kept as a genuine product, with no heating or additions to it, so that it can maintain its properties. Higher concentrations can be used to create natural and pure CBD Manuka honey. Read on to find out more about how you could benefit.

What are the benefits?

Manuka honey is all-natural and looks just like the honey we are all familiar with. And whilst your everyday honey has health benefits too, they are amplified with Manuka honey. Quality Manuka honey can be difficult to get your hands-on and can be more expensive than the honey you can buy in the supermarket, but if you’re looking for a product that boasts natural healing, soothes internal issues as well as cuts, grazes, and burns, and can treat skin conditions, this product is for you.


There is scientific evidence to support the claim that Manuka honey can be used as a natural treatment to promote healing. Honey is acidic, and these acidic properties have been shown to help the body heal wounds and injuries. The acidity of the honey blocks enzymes that break down the proteins the body uses to heal itself, it also is low in moisture which means fluid can be drawn out of any cuts or grazes.

Manuka honey has antiviral properties, meaning that it can kill germs with a substance found in nectar. It can attack infections that may often end up being untreatable. Because Manuka honey can be used to treat wounds and protect from infections, the FDA in the US has approved Manuka honey infused bandages to be sold in pharmacies and on prescription!

Skin conditions

So, is Manuka honey good for skincare? Yes! You may already be aware that various creams and moisturisers on the market these days include honey in their ingredients, so Manuka honey can be used for the same thing – but the results tend to be more powerful. This product can be used to reduce inflammation and redness that is caused by painful conditions like acne. If you suffer from irritation caused by eczema, you may also find that Manuka honey can help.

If you’re looking to add Manuka honey into your routine as a way of tackling these skin conditions, for best results you should apply a thin layer to your skin and leave it to soothe and protect for at least 15 minutes. You could leave it on for up to an hour or try a mixture of Manuka honey, olive oil and beeswax, which can be applied to a problem area up to three times a day.

Gut health

It’s not just external conditions that Manuka honey can have a positive impact on, it can help to soothe problems within our bodies too, and can aid imbalances in our digestive system, as well as reduce symptoms of conditions like IBS. Manuka honey is 4 times more powerful than raw honey, and with its antibacterial properties, can help with a range of digestive issues.

Many factors can contribute to gut problems, whether that’s due to anxiety issues, stress, the use of antibiotics or even a sugar-rich diet. You may find yourself suffering from heartburn, stomach pains and digestive issues – but introducing Manuka honey to your routine means you can soothe pain, balance your digestive system, and treat any nasty bacteria that may be causing the problem.

How to implement it into your routine

If you think you could benefit from using Manuka honey to treat any of the above issues, you can do so with ease. You can make a Manuka honey face mask or mix to be applied regularly to help with skin conditions. If you’re hoping to treat a wound, you should apply a thin layer over the area to create a protective barrier. Suffering from gut issues can be debilitating but taking a spoonful of Manuka honey each day means that you can reap the benefits – or add it to your food. Eating this powerful honey gives your immune system an added boost too.