EU proposal prompts a tech revolution! Are there more devices than chargers?

Are There More Devices Than Chargers?

The world of social media exploded into a hive of activity a short while ago when one Twitter user asked the question, “Are there more doors or wheels in the world?” This prompted 20,000 people to engage with the poll set by the user which got us wondering, “Are there more devices than chargers?”

A world rich in tech

When you consider there are currently 6.648 billion smartphones in the world and 420 million iPads in circulation, that’s an awful lot of devices that need charging. Consider each device naturally comes with a charger and that makes a mind-blowing number of power supplies in use! Add to this figure all-other forms of tablet, laptops, and consoles that exist, and both the volume of devices and chargers reach stratospheric numbers. What could there be more of though and what is the answer?

Chargers, chargers everywhere

The fact we can so openly travel leads to luggage errors, you’ve packed everything in a panic then you get to the airport and see you have indeed packed everything, bar your charger. So, you buy another at the airport. Admit it, you’ve done it. 

At home, your cat, dog, or child, chews through your long charging cable. You buy another one. You knew this would happen, didn’t you. It happened to you a few times already.

At work, you have a charger with you to keep your mobile charged. You leave it in the office and someone pinches it, forgetting to return it, you buy another one. Sound familiar?

On this basis alone, chargers could well be out in front by a mile.

Average number of chargers

It has previously been reported that the average person owns three phone chargers alongside the additional ones for other devices. The European Commission not only discovered how many chargers were in use but the research also showed that disposed and unused cables contributed to 11,000 tonnes of waste per year!

Now with the EU provisionally agreeing that all portable electronic devices must use a USB-C charger by the autumn of 2024, both tech companies and consumers are facing a change that could initially see an increase in waste before the change filters through.

It was disclosed that 50% of phones were USB micro-B, 29% were USB-C and 21% were the Apple lightning connector in a 2019 study into tech sales in the EU.

If you go back to 2009 there were more than 30 different chargers available with all being device-specific. Nowadays there tend to be the three types mentioned above. USB micro-B, USB-C, and lightning. And if we have a mixture of devices there is every chance we have a charger of each type. 

Charging revolution

Thanks to an ingenious invention by world renown entrepreneur, inventor, and creative, Seymour Segnit, a new style charger is here meaning total compatibility, less waste, and no-repeat purchases. Combining Qi wireless tech as well as embracing the need for all types of connectors, each MAGFAST charger can keep its owner fully powered for days on end. 

“The rapid explosion in the number of cellphones globally will come as little surprise to most people – the smartphone is undoubtedly the most extraordinary tech innovation of the last 15 years. It’s worrying however, not least in terms of the huge volume destined for landfill, how we continue to rely on ultra-cheap, poor quality chargers, cables, and other device accessories to power those ubiquitous smartphones. Build quality has been displaced by disposability … but not at MAGFAST. Our premium chargers are elegant, high-performing, incorporate a host of uniquely innovative features and, above all, built to last. They’re the last chargers you’ll ever buy because, at MAGFAST, we’re changing charging for good.”

It doesn’t stop there though, to further tone down on waste products, these chargers operate wirelessly and boast all the connections you need so there is never a need to buy another charger ever. They can charge the devices of the past, those in the present, and those yet to be invented. MAGFAST Extreme can even jump-start your car!

Commitment to the planet

Along with MAGFAST taking care of your charging needs, Seymour and his team aim to do their bit for the planet too. For every charger ordered they plant a tree and if you order their pro kit, they plant seven. With over 500,000 planted so far, the aim of looking after the planet and keeping people connected has never fused together so well. 

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