100 million bottles converted to reusable bags by Jutexpo

100 million bottles converted to reusable bags by Jutexpo
West Midlands UK, November 8th 2022: Jutexpo have reached the 100 million bottle mark having been recycled and converted into reusable shopping bags. 

With nearly 1 million plastic bottles being sold every minute across the globe, and the average time for them to biodegrade being 450 years, Jutexpo have taken action, by quite literally taking the bottles from our oceans and converting them into the shopping bags we all use on a daily basis. 

Barrie Turner, Chair and owner of Jutexpo has said: “With Halt Alliance and Jutexpo we have halted the process of plastic bottles from filling our oceans and damaging the planet. We are immensely proud to be hitting the 100 million bottles converted into reusable bags, and getting all those bottles out of our oceans and made into something we all benefit from.


“Over the last two decades Jutexpo have supplied some of the biggest supermarkets in the UK with reusable shopping bags, and are looking forward to the next 100 million bottles being transformed into millions of bags for our clients.”

Jutexpo are the UK market leader in reusable bags and products made with rPET (from post-consumer plastic bottles), along with Jute, Juco, Cotton, and and their core principle is ‘Beyond the bag’ which focuses on integrity through ethical production, social responsibility, quality and trust. Supplying clients such as Sainsbury’s Waitrose, Merlin, John Lewis, WWF, Tesco and Marks & Spencer.