Thursday, September 28, 2023 Announce Platform Support For Open Distro For Elasticsearch

Users of the SaaS logging and metrics management platform,, will be able to benefit from many of the leading new features brought from moving their infrastructure to using Open Distro For Elasticsearch.


15-04-21, Manchester, UK – In response to the news of Elasticsearch B.V.’s forecasted licensing change to SSPL made earlier this year, many cloud service providers and ELK as-a-Service vendors have been placed in a position to reconsider how they prepare to serve their customers with Elasticsearch and Kibana versions post 7.10.


Managed Elastic Stack providers are happy to announce that Elasticsearch B.V.’s move to using Server Side Public Licensing will not negatively impact users as a result of’s decision to welcome Open Distro onto the platform. The team has been working on implementing Open Distro for Elasticsearch for some time and is happy to share this news with all existing users.


Because of this change, users will now be able to benefit from the addition of further enterprise-ready security features and advanced role-based access controls against their Stacks.


The team at have stated that they are proud to keep on providing the best features of Open Source logging software whilst saving their customers from the overheads associated with hosting and maintenance of Elasticsearch and Kibana.


All users with Stacks hosted on older versions of the Elastic Stack will be offered the choice to upgrade their Stack free of charge. Any users wishing to go on using legacy versions of Elasticsearch and Kibana will be supported indefinitely by our technicians and receive the same level of service support as any recently upgraded Stacks.


As always, the team at are committed to supporting their users and they remain focused on providing support and a highly available platform to ensure their customer’s needs are always being met.


If you wish to find out about’s affordable log management or data analysis solutions or wish to ask any other questions about how the licensing change affects Elasticsearch and Kibana then please feel free to reach out to a member of our support team via email


Experience managed ELK with out of the box security for Kibana & Elasticsearch with’s free 14-day trial:


Company Biography: is used globally by thousands of users from both public & private sector organisations to manage the Elastic Stack. The platform provides a solution for complete cloud observability, log management, monitoring & data analytics.



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