4 Reasons to Exhibit in New Orleans Trade Shows

4 Reasons to Exhibit in New Orleans Trade Shows

For businesses of many sizes and industries, there are many compelling reasons to exhibit in New Orleans trade shows. Exhibiting in New Orleans trade shows could be the stepping stone you never knew you needed to help your business succeed.

Whether you are a first-time or veteran exhibitor, renting a trade show booth for expos in New Orleans and across the country is an invaluable investment. With quality, customized New Orleans trade show rentals, exhibiting is easier than you think.

Keep reading to learn more about the advantages of exhibiting in New Orleans and how to get started today.

1. New Orleans Attracts Visitors for You

New Orleans attracts visitors from far and wide. Visitors come to trade shows with curiosity and a pre-established interest for your industry. These visitors may have already researched their needs before coming to an expo, making them well-informed and eager potential customers. 

Exhibitions are a perfect example of “pull” advertising: a way to invite customers to come to you, rather than the other way around. Compared to “push” advertising, trade shows establish a non-invasive tone and will not force information on your visitors if they don’t want it.  

Not to mention, New Orleans has a booming tourism industry with plenty of exciting attractions and dining options. This makes it an easy and sensible destination for exhibitors, increasing your brand’s visibility. New Orleans provides excellent opportunities to make connections with prospective clients in and out of your booth. 

2. In-Person Events Remain Powerful 

95% of exhibitors prefer in-person events to virtual events, despite the increase of virtual events spurred by COVID-19. Although an online event can lower costs, it can also lower your impact. Keep this in mind if you’re on the edge about participating in an in-person event. 

This is an opportunity to add a human touch to your brand. There is something powerful about putting faces and names behind a brand. Interacting in a physical space interrupts the monotony of clicking through information on a flat, digital screen.

No matter the technological advances, bringing your vision to life offline beats online interaction. If you’re still not convinced, take it from the 95% of exhibitors that have tried both!

3. Widen Community Connections 

Meet your people! Trade shows and conventions are typically organized around various industry specialties, whether it be construction, automotive, technology, medical, dental, animal, real estate, wine and food, hospitality, oil and gas, shipbuilding and offshore, jewelry, or otherwise. It’s time to build strong industry relationships. New Orleans is a magnet for both local and international audiences, making expos a great opportunity to network. 

A trade show is also the perfect opportunity to showcase your latest products or services, getting meaningful feedback from purchasers and end users alike. At your show, listen to customer needs and desires.

If much of your typical day on the job is doing work internally, this external exposure is an ideal way to freshen up and sharpen your perspective and purpose. Additionally, you’ll be able to get a grasp of what your competitors are doing. You can even prepare for the show by researching past exhibitions to gauge how you can stand out.

Upcoming New Orleans Trade Shows Include:

  • The AAOMS Annual Meeting
  • The NMSDC Conference and Business Opportunity Exchange
  • And many more!

4. High-Quality Convention Facilities

New Orleans boasts a number of high-quality convention facilities that can support professional exhibits and numerous attendees. For visitors that have to travel a long distance to see your show, a large, reputable facility can make a more memorable experience.

These Facilities Include: 

Exhibiting at a trade show signals to customers that your business cares about its image, has value to share, and is open to interacting with them. A high-quality facility can underscore your brand’s devotion to professionalism. Without you lifting a finger, New Orleans will make your show more impressive from the start.

Exhibit in New Orleans Trade Shows with Expert Help

Ultimately, your trade booth is a creative demonstration of your brand’s message, and New Orleans is the perfect place to share it. Bring your vision to life for a local and international community of like-minded people, and achieve the exposure your business deserves.

If you want to impress viewers and make a memorable exhibition, consider getting expert help creating your booth design, as well as fabricating, shipping, installing, dismantling, and storing your exhibit.