The Mummy MOT offers free tummy gap checks partnering up with John Lewis this Easter

NEW mums are being invited to experience a free tummy gap check at John Lewis store in Kingston-upon-Thames this weekend (April 13th-14th) to help them get back to their best.  With more than 980,000 babies born in the UK each year and 40 percent of mothers suffering some kind of trauma during or after giving birth, new sessions from The Mummy MOT helping ladies deal with a whole host of post-natal problems.

A tummy gap or ‘’Diastasis Recti’ is when there is a wider gap between the abdominal ‘six-pack’ muscles, which causes issues with regaining core strength. Left untreated this gap can cause abdominal, back and pelvic floor conditions.

A third of mums will still have a tummy gap three months after giving birth yet it is often neglected in postnatal checks despite ‘split down the middle’ and ‘tummy gap’ being the most frequent searches by new mums on google.The Mummy MOT is offering free tummy gap checks and advice to tackle this upsetting condition.

UK expert and practitioner Maria Elliott, founder of the not-for-profit organisation promotes a full post natal check including posture, tummy gap and pelvic floor so mums can regain strength and conditioning.

While the joy of welcoming a healthy and happy newborn into the world is hard to describe, there are a host of medical implications associated with giving birth. These are not only physical, as a diminished sense of wellbeing and inevitable tiredness, leaves many mums feeling well below their best.

Mums who attend the John Lewis store in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey this weekend can benefit from a free tummy gap check with one of the company’s 300 fully trained physiotherapists.
And following the five-minute check, if they feel they would benefit from a full MOT, they can sign up for an hour-long session local to where they live.

To book your free tummy gap check slot, simply turn up at the Kingston store between 11 am to 4 pm on Saturday or Sunday.

For more information, contact John Sewell 07387475838
Head of news.

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