UK Health-Testing Provider Responds to Post-Covid Landscape with ‘Easy Access’ model

At-home tests help meet needs created by NHS backlog and a changing society

Barnsley, West Yorkshire – UK health test provider Screen4 has introduced a sister company Test4 Ltd. Offering an online service for Genetic Prostate Cancer Screening in response to a changed healthcare landscape. The main factors behind the creation of Test4 include:

  •  Innovative and easy to use, saliva home based tests 
  •  Over 50,000 men are diagnosed with Prostate cancer every year
  •  1 in 4 men of Black / African / Caribbean descent will get prostate cancer
  •  NHS testing backlogs, particularly regarding prostate cancer
  •  The ‘postcode lottery’ of some prostate testing in terms of age, ethnicity and location.
  •  Limited access to prostate (Genetic) Screening outside the NHS
  •  Frustration around not being able to access a GP or specialist, particularly to discuss prostate cancer, under the age of 50+

New attitudes to health  

Screen4’s activities supplying diagnostic testing services to industry and consumers has revealed a shift in public attitudes to personal health. Director David Grouse said:


“There’s a greater awareness – and expectation – that suitable, reliable and robust tests can be found online and ordered for home use. This is even applicable for innovative Genetic Screening Tests for prostate cancer. 


You might call it the “Easy Access model:’ people find what they want in a simple way, order it, receive it without fuss or delay and expect the whole process to be seamless.”


A unique NHS alternative


Test4’s prostate cancer genetic screening test, meanwhile, is not easily accessible on the NHS.

“We make prostate cancer tests rapidly and easily available to men of all ages, locations and ethnic backgrounds,” said Mr Grouse. “We’re partnering with a world-leading cancer research laboratory, Oncologica, to deliver an easy-to-use saliva-based, genetic screening test that can be carried out at home or in clinic”

Their consultant urologists are available to provide support, discuss the suitability of and the outcome of the genetic tests, manage results and help with next steps on the clinical pathway. 

“We recognize the significant steps that the NHS is making in providing access to local and national testing programs, we at Test4 are providing an option for some people to gain access to valuable tests that can screen and potentially provide early detection of Prostate Cancer issues.

The Test4 team is supported by, and with medical review and oversight from, qualified GPs and consultant urologists.


For more information about Test4 Limited, contact: 

David Grouse 

Test4 Limited 

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