Atlanta company creates all-natural solution for flawless skin

Two Atlanta friends disillusioned with facial problems have launched a range of natural oil blends to revive every skin type.

Model Nidal Kur struggled with maintaining healthy skin due to the hours spent applying and removing heavy make-up for photoshoots, while Kavya Moses suffered from terrible eczema.

The two were unable to find beauty products that suited their skin types. Instead, they discovered brands packed with preservatives which had side-effects or left their skin feeling dry and dull.

During the Covid pandemic, the pair spent their time together in lock-down researching the properties of 50 different pure oils and created their company.

Now, they have launched their own 100% pure oil range called IN.HER.IT which is natural, vegan and completely free of preservatives – and most importantly, suits every skin color and type. There are three cold-pressed, organic oils for dry, combination and oily skin.

Designed to be used after cleansing the skin, a few drops used alone or mixed with a moisturizer is enough to start reaping the benefits.

“The best thing about our oils is that they suit every skin type. I’m South Sudanese and I’ve struggled with finding products in stores that don’t irritate my skin. With trying to remove so much make-up each day, I tried exfoliators and all kinds of products, but nothing was making my skin completely clean and fresh. I decided it was time to invest to get the right products – even if it meant us creating them ourselves. 

“We’ve gone back to our roots to find natural ingredients such as Brazil nut for moisturizing and Saffron for healing, but we only make small batches due to the seasons the ingredients are available,” said founder, Nidal Kur.

Kavya, who is of South-Asian heritage, suffered from extreme eczema on her face and tried various elimination diets and was prescribed many medications before creating her own solution.

She said: “Our oils are pure and simple. When you’re buying beauty products, they’re packed with preservatives which can be causing problems for your skin. This was my problem – there were only two products in the whole of the beauty store I could use but they weren’t suitable for my skin type. 

“We’ve studied the comedogenic scale and we know what the values of the oils are, including which will block pores, which means we can create the perfect blends for each skin type. Your skin is not going to get tired, dull, or irritated with frequent use.”

The cruelty-free oils, which are sourced where they are grown, are available to buy in glass bottles from, priced $200 for 30ml. 

The Atlanta-based company is women-owned, black-owned, South-Asian-owned, and proudly gives back 10 per cent of their net-profits to charities. 

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