JPR Media Group in NFT PR

JPR Media Group in NFT PR

In June 2022, top PR agency JPR Media Group was contracted to do the launch for the world’s most expensive champagne bottle with Champagne Avenue Foch in collaboration with an artist Mig behind illustrations for Bored Ape Yacht Club Mutants and Sneaky Vampire Syndicate NFT’s. The 1 of 1 bottle was a creation from entrepreneur and champagne connoisseur Shammi Shinh and was priced at a staggering $2.5 Million USD (or 2500 ETH).


A champagne connoisseur, London-born entrepreneur Shammi specialises in creating limited edition champagne bottles, creating brands for other companies, and supplying events.  An NFT educator and NFT trader, Shammi decided to create this special bottle which came with ownership of NFT’s. The bottle itself is adorned with diamond cut Swarovski crystals, pure pewter embedded in the design, and NFT artwork (artwork designed by artist Mig). The special caveat is that the buyer needed to burn the NFT to receive the physical bottle.


Top NFT PR agency JPR Media Group secured excellent press coverage which went viral in over one hundred articles worldwide after the cryptocurrency crash. The key national newspapers and business publications that interviewed Shammi Shinh and covered the news story were The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Fortune, the I Paper (print and online), and The Sun (print and online). These publications’ articles were picked up by lots of international news sites, and the hype generated momentum all over the world. Top art press featured the news in Artnet and ARTNews. Drinks-focused media featured the sale within The Drinks Business and Unforgettable Tastings Podcast. Financial press, business press and tech press were published in Global Investor, European Business Magazine, App Developer Magazine, and Packaging Digest. Luxury press and lifestyle press covered the story in Epicurean Life, Luxuriate Life, Lux Expose, and Escapades with many more in the pipeline.


With over one hundred press features published about Shammi Shinh and articles still being published about this news, this PR work has added to Shammi’s established business profile.


The press release was announced during NFT.NYC 2022 which is an annual NFT industry event which Shammi Shinh attended. Shammi previously held the world record for most expensive champagne in 2013 with Taste of Diamonds (Goût de Diamants) which became an A-list celebrity favourite and was even featured in the film: Marvel’s Justice League.


A private event was held at The Box Soho London where NFT collectors and media saw the unveiling of the bottle and got to speak with Shammi Shinh.


Shammi Shinh broke his own record in 2022 with this 1 of 1 limited Magnum bottle from Champagne Avenue Foch 2017. Champagne Avenue Foch is a family run estate, Allouchery in Chamery, and the champagne is made of 100% Premier Cru grapes.


JPR Media Group also notably secured NFT press coverage for the UK’s 1st NFT gallery Quantus Gallery with an exclusive feature in the Telegraph print and online before the gallery opened to the public as well as a profile piece on the co-founder in City A.M.