Inspirational comedian turns heartache into humour for new hilarious comedy show

When reaching retirement age, women tend to start a new hobby, such as gardening and joining a choir, but not Helen Prior. A cancer survivor, Helen is on a mission to show through the power of laughter, that there is life and hope after a grim diagnosis. Her goal is to inspire people to make the best of their lives and beat the odds, by turning yourself from victim to survivor. Helen is bringing her new hilarious and outrageous solo comedy show, “Adventures of an Old CXNT or Living My Dream”, to the UK this summer.


As the name of the show suggests, audiences can expect an evening of funny and somewhat saucy tales taken from the inspirational life of Helen Prior. The author and comedian decided to take a surprising career move – from an art historian to making audiences laugh – after her battle with cancer left her inspired to help others through comedy.


As an art historian, Helen uses the power of art that reflects on her own life and brings her own curated gallery of art masterpieces into the show. Helen will take audiences across the UK on a journey of life with the help of her curated gallery of art masterpieces.


Helen, who is also releasing her debut book this October, ‘Adventures of An Old CXNT: The Thrill of Life After Cancer’, launched her career in comedy in September 2021. She has since performed regularly in numerous London Comedy Clubs – Camden Comedy Club, Soho Zebrano, Up the Greek, All About Eve, Bogaloo, Jokers, We are Funny Project, Greyhound, Sydenham, Soho Theatre and more. She has been on stage many times around the UK and has also performed across the pond in the US. 


Helen was a support act for the award-winning comedians Mad Ron, Dave Thompson, Phil Henderson, Natalie C’est La Vie, and Matt Price. She was a finalist of several gong shows and received a Cup as the Best Comedian of the Show at Comedy Virgins and Rising Star.


Audiences have been inspired by her comedy shows, particularly women, who have not only enjoyed many laughs from a comedian they can relate to but have been left moved by the stories of her battle with cancer.

Helen Prior said: “Comedy has become a great substitute for everything women my age is missing from life – attention, love and a new career”.


Helen has plenty of inspiration for her shows from the exciting and colourful life she has led, and the bucket list of adventures she has completed since surviving cancer. 


For example, Helen was always afraid of heights but after her recovery she learned to fly a plane. The fearless comedian also reached the North Pole on an atomic ice breaker, and then became a World Champion in International Ballroom Dancing, even though she was the only one on the dance floor in her age group. 


And so here she is, on her next adventure as a comedian, proving life is for living and receiving rave reviews whilst doing so!


Promoter Alfie Evers said: “Playfully bold-faced and witty. This lady hits like late night shots of sweetened vodka.” 


Promoter David Lewis said: “Helen is very, very funny. Her gags had the crowd in hysterics. See her while you can!” 


Audiences can experience an evening of hilarity from Helen in London on August 6th and 7th at Camden Comedy Club and The Hen and Chicken Theatre on 12th, 13th, and 14th August. The show will then move to the West Midlands at Fat Theo’s Comedy Club on 21st August and in Croydon, and in Nottingham in November. 


Come and hear Helen’s hilarious tales at one of her upcoming shows. For more details of the tour visit:

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