What is crypto VPS hosting?

Uploading anything to the Internet can be quite simple when it comes to social media and forums, but if you wish to put your website or application online for the world to visit and use, then you will need to invest into hosting. Now, there are many different options that you can go for in terms of servers and there are also a ton of providers that you will need to go into more research on so that you can ensure that you can make the most optimal final selection. However, as of recently a new form of hosting has started to emerge which particularly focuses on virtual private servers and the ability of such a service to be bought using cryptocurrencies. Because of this, we are going to be taking a closer look at what crypto VPS hosting is all about as well as whether it is worth it to go for it.

Why go for VPS hosting?

There are predominantly 3 main types of hosting options for you to choose from – shared hosting, dedicated instances and virtual private servers, abbreviated as VPS. While all 3 types are offered as a crypto-buyable service, VPS servers seem to be the most lucrative option out of the bunch due to their many features and properties that can be viewed as advantages over the other 2 aforementioned service variations.

First off, they have the ability to scale indefinitely. But what does this mean? Well, to put it in simple terms, you can add or remove resources from them if you so wish, allowing you to accommodate any sudden changes in traffic that you might not be expecting to occur. For example, let’s say that you are a traveling agency and you see an increase in your customers over the summer and the winter seasons. This seasonality means that you will need to have more resources over those specific periods of time. Rather than changing your entire hosting plan, you can simply add some extra storage space and processing power, or remove them if you see that you are not utilizing them, and ultimately save money long term.

Another advantage of such servers is the fact that you get complete root access, allowing you to install any custom software, which is something that you cannot do with shared hosting for example. Also, your server resources are completely independent in comparison to shared hosting again, due to the virtualization technology that VPS servers make use of.

But why pay with crypto?

There are also many advantages to paying with crypto. Bitcoin VPS services are probably the most common hosting type that accepts crypto and there are many providers that have started to incorporate them into their service list. Paying with Bitcoin in particular has a substantial amount of benefits in contrast to any of the traditional payment methods such as banking or PayPal.

Such payments are more secure and focus on protecting your privacy. Your identity and anonymity can be preserved better using this alternative payment option as it involves simply sending money from one address to another without attaching any significant or obvious metadata to the transaction. However, this does not mean that it cannot be traced or that you can remain completely anonymous!

International payments are also cheaper when paying with Bitcoin. Let’s say you want to purchase a server in another continent. Making monthly transactions can be quite expensive. Because of this, making crypto payments will be ultimately the better choice. Such currencies are decentralized, meaning that they are not influenced by one governing body, which results in better stability and removes the need for currency conversions that banks for example are required to carry over when you make an international payment.

Finally, paying with Bitcoin for your server, allows you to have an alternative if your country does not support any of the previously mentioned, traditional payment options. It is also very easy to make such transactions as the only requirements that you need to fulfill are having a device with Internet connection and a crypto wallet, which can be easily set up in a matter of minutes. This simplicity makes such payments a go-to choice for most.

Overall, if your hosting provider offers such a service, you should definitely consider taking advantage of it, due to the many benefits that it can provide you with. If you are still not convinced, then think about your privacy and how such a server can protect it.