All You Need to Know About Money Counter Machine

In the business world, manual counting is time-consuming and inefficient. That is why a money counting machine is really essential for every business. Basically, it helps you count large amounts of money within minutes, enabling you to save both time and money, and enhancing the accuracy and efficiency of your business. If you are just a newbie into this matter, we will provide you with several suggestions when purchasing a new one.

What you should know when purchasing money counter machine?

Here are two features you should keep in mind: price and functionality. As for the price, generally, the basic version of a money counting machine can be purchased for under $200, while more expensive models can reach more than $1000. You can choose a set of machine according to this margin for price adjustment.

While price is the most important consideration, you should also avoid overpaying for a machine whose features are not necessary, and even complex for your needs. If you are a new buyer, a simple money counter will satisfy your demands. But if you plan to use it frequently, you will need to purchase one that possesses several valuable functions.

Using a money counter machine with valuable functions

Which types of money counting machine to buy depends on which functions you need. For instance, if you need a machine that sorts bills by denomination, look for one with a batch function. It allows you to set the number of bills you want to count beforehand and will automatically stack them so that each bill is of an equal denomination. Apart from that, you can also look for a machine that has the “Add Function” (ADD), which lets you add additional bills to a current count without having to start over. And a more sophisticated type is a money counting machine with a signature feature. For this mold, it has built-in bill authenticity sensors, so it can count mixed denominations. This machine features eight different working modes: batch, single denomination, and multi-denomination. It can also count a single bill or mix denominations and can be set to “add”or “scan” mode. These features help the machine identify whether a bill is fake or not.

Several types of money counter machines we recommend

After assessing prices as well as functions, including batching function, ADD function, and self-examination capabilities to speed up the process, we highly recommend several types as follows:

  1. Mixed Denomination Bill Counter RIBAO BC-40. As for this type, we strongly recommend it because it not only increases efficiency with six counting modes , but provides a smoother counting service via its unique system. Also, it is really money-saving for small businesses.
  2. Mixed Denomination Money Counter&Sorter BCS-160. According to our research, it enables non-stop counting with 2-pockets, meaning that it will hugely save your time. Due to its diverse classification, you can use this machine to sort your notes by its currency, denomination, face, and also orientation. It supports up to twenty currencies and handles excessive denominations with ease. If you are looking for a reliable money counting machine and have adequate budgets (1000$ to 1200$), you should take the Mixed Denomination Money Counter&Sorter BCS-160 into consideration.


All of these money counter machines can be set to sort bills by denomination, face, and orientation, which enable them to sort mixed bills and report their total monetary value to users. They can count more than 200 bills per minute. And their greater hopper capacities could allow you to be more efficient and less distracted than before.