Buying Guide: Choosing A Roller Garage Door Company in the UK

There are lots of companies in the UK who offer unique roller garage doors, so you can have your pick when you’re looking to upgrade. There are plenty of considerations to make when you’re looking to upgrade your garage door. You want to choose a company with an excellent reputation, who uses high-quality materials at a competitive price. But you also need a place that provides an aftercare service in case anything goes wrong. 

We’ve created a helpful list that covers everything you want to look into when choosing a roller garage door company in the UK to help you make the right choice. 


First, when you’re thinking about getting a new garage door and you look into companies online, you want to make sure they can actually install a garage door in your area. There’s no point contacting a company only to find out they don’t operate near you. Some providers are nationwide, while others are more local businesses. Make sure the companies you are looking into can install a garage door where you live. 


While it’s tempting to go for the cheapest garage door contractor, those savings can cost you in quality and security. A garage door should last around 15 years, and be made from a sturdy material. Cheap doors won’t last as long, and offer less security. You should expect to pay more than £600 for a good garage door. 

Some companies provide special offers, so keep an eye out for those when you’re doing your research. 

Customer Service

Any company you approach should be friendly and professional at all times. This includes supporting you through the buying process and answering questions you have, right down to the tradesperson who comes to install the door. They should be friendly and run through how to use your garage door, and what you need to do if there are any issues. 

If you feel you’re not getting excellent customer service from your contractor, use a different company. You want to use a company who seems approachable, as you may need to go to them if you have any issues after they have installed the door. 


Roller garage doors come in a few different materials. You can get a single skin roller door, which is a basic option or you can get a double skinned slat door. The double skinned doors are more durable, and offer better security and insulation than the single skin options. Your roller garage door will roll up and tuck into a box above the door, giving you plenty of extra space in your garage. 

It’s not just the slats that make up your garage materials. You also want to ensure the motors are up-to-date, and the door has strong side channels, high-quality cover hoods, and a suitable door control system. Any reputable company will be happy to divulge the details of the equipment they use and install.


You can usually choose from a variety of colours for your garage door, no matter what company you pick. Your door will be coated in durable paint, and you can opt for standard white, brown, or black, or go for a range of vibrant and funky colours that will make your garage door stand out. 

Some companies may provide extra colours or wood effects at an additional cost, and should run through all your options with you before you buy your door. 


Any reputable garage door company will provide you with access to an after-sales team where you can get help or support with your newly installed door. Not everything goes perfectly all the time, and it’s helpful to have a number to call if your door stops working, or isn’t functioning as you think it should. A good after-sales team will help you troubleshoot problems and organise to have an engineer come out to check your door and fix it for you. 

Your garage door should also have a warranty, so make sure you get all the details of that when it’s installed. That way if anything happens, and it breaks, you can have it replaced at no extra cost. 


When you’re looking into a roller garage door company in the UK, always check the reviews and see what previous customers have said about the service on offer. You can be tempted to go for the cheapest ones but cheap doesn’t always mean quality. 

Do your research, and good luck with your new roller garage door!

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