Miracles in the UAE: record facts from the land of everlasting summer. Do you want to get villa as a present?

Dubai is the city that more than any other part of the world is associated with luxury and great comfort. And it is in the UAE in general and in Dubai in particular that there are so many records related to numbers especially in terms of leading luxury real estate agencies in Dubai – the Arabs simply love a large scale and have such an opportunity.

Dubai for families

But it is not only for themselves that Arab sheikhs create excellent conditions. The United Arab Emirates has a really well-developed social sphere, and an ordinary civil servant here gets about $ 10,000 a month. Family institution is maintained at a high level, and there are a number of privileges for young families:

  • $ 50,000 – this amount is received by the family for the birth of a child;
  • $ 20,000 – this amount is given to newlyweds by the state;
  • Villa for living as a gift – a young husband and wife get it from the state at the time of marriage.

Man-made miracle

The UAE is a country created literally from nothing in the desert. Previously, the Bedouins lived on the territory of today’s Dubai – they used tents made of skins in order to hide from the merciless sun. Now, magnificent houses, mansions and public places with a powerful air conditioning system are being constructed for all residents and tourists. Air conditioners are available not only in residential and commercial premises, but also in public toilets, transport, as well as, for example, in the passage from the metro station to the mall and at transport stops.

Luxury that needed to be perpetuated

Wealthy locals do not hesitate to show off their luxury to those around them. And these are not only real palaces and magnificent hotels hundreds of meters high. A wealthy sheikh named Hamad immortalized his name in the desert. He created a drainage system to deliver water to arid regions, and the channels of this system are made in the form of huge letters HAMAD, which can be seen even from space.

Some more records

But not only sheikhs boldly show their financial situation. For example, the hotel sector in the UAE is doing its best to please its guests and please them. Thus, a New Year tree with a height of more than 12 meters was installed in one of the hotels. But everyone was struck so much not by its height but by its decoration: the New Year tree was decorated with real jewelry for a total of more than 10 thousand dollars. And again, the UAE became the record holder.

For the Independence Day, the best pastry chefs baked a magnificent cake – its length was 2.5 thousand meters. And, of course, speaking about records, it is worth remembering that it is in Dubai that the tallest building is located – the super-high skyscraper Burj Khalifa which height is 828 meters.

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