Electric Vehicle Stocks: Our predictions for 2022

Not too long ago, an electric car on the road would have been super unusual and turned quite a few heads as it drove down the street. Nowadays, they’re pretty commonplace in society, at least in more lucrative parts of the world. In fact, you’ll see a charging station at pretty much every major car park, especially in places like supermarkets and shopping malls.

However, there’s still a long way to go. Electric cars accounted for just 11% of new vehicle sales in the UK in 2021, and while the chances are that that will go up a little in 2022, it shows us that the EV game could well be a long one.

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A more secure but longer-term way to save up enough money to buy an electric car is through investing in them in the first place. Let’s find out if that’s a good idea or not in 2022.

How long will it take for all cars to become electric?

The be-all and end-all of petrol and diesel cars are on the horizon for a lot of countries. Legislation has been put in place to ban the sales of petrol and diesel cars by 2030 (some hybrid cars will still be allowed to be sold till 2035), and at this point, the world will change.

It’s also up to the manufacturers. At the moment, most manufacturers have brought some form of electric car to the table, but the efforts don’t seem fully committed, and it is up to the likes of Tesla to provide most of the electric cars to the world.

However, we’re starting to see more and more brands realize that electric cars are being demanded by their customers. People are becoming more environmentally conscious and are turning to electric cars as a greener alternative to their petrol/diesel cars. Leaving brands that are refusing to bring out a range of electric cars behind.

Of course, this applies more to the manufacturers of general-use road cars than it does to the high-end market. The class of “supercars” has been somewhat immune to this environmental shift as they’re seen more as recreational vehicles rather than a day-to-day runner.

Another area that needs to change for EVs to be more popular is the price. Brands like Tesla are far from affordable for the average person at the moment, and part of the reason for that is the batteries are so expensive. Nonetheless, as is the case with supply and demand, it shouldn’t take too long for the price of these cars to start coming down.

As more and more manufacturers develop electric vehicles, we can expect the technology that powers them to become cheaper, so the more brands that get involved, the better it is for everyone. It’s not just in the road car industry that we’re seeing the development of electric vehicles. Motorsport competitions such as Formula-E have a focus on electric vehicles and advancements made by the teams competing in competitions like these will be passed on to the rest of the automotive industry.

So, when the price comes down and the manufacturers and laws change, electric cars will be a sure thing.

What’s going to happen to stocks?

It might take some time for EV stocks to blow up, but we are pretty confident they’ll rise throughout 2022 as the world gets closer to the 2030 deadlines set by various governments and more and more people adopt the technology. To add to this, the entry-level price point may drop this year which will benefit sales and, therefore, shares.

There are a few companies to watch out for if you’re thinking about investing in the realm of electric vehicles. We advise looking at the best electric vehicles for 2022. With models like the VW ID range and the Jaguar I-Pace, automakers like Volkswagen and Jaguar—who have, of course, been making petrol and diesel engines for decades—have joined the electric car party. However, it’s likely that their stocks won’t be as negatively impacted as those of businesses that only make electric cars.

Because of this, it might be a better investment to put your money in one of the following companies:

  • Tesla: when you think of electric cars, this one always comes to mind. Tesla stocks just keep on growing and growing! That is, despite a recent 10% fall.
  • NIO: Chinese EV manufacturer Nio is making moves at the moment, and it could only be a matter of time before their share prices take off.
  • Waymo: one of the companies at the forefront of the self-driving world is looking set to skyrocket any day now.

While you can never guarantee how a certain stock will perform, you can take a look at an industry as a whole and try to map its projection over the coming years. As the world moves towards using more sustainable energy, the demand for petrol and diesel will sharply decrease and the demand for electric-powered vehicles will likely go up because of it. It’s up to the individual manufacturers to keep up with this demand, so our best advice would be to look closely at the companies who are building the infrastructure needed to produce electric cars.

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