Five Ways Cars are Changing

Cars are changing. Technology is evolving, solving problems, and posing questions. Climate change is a pressing issue and automakers are responding to this problem. The automotive industry is becoming something different than it has ever been before. Soon cars won’t resemble what they used to be. Whether you are excited about these changes or have nostalgia for the yesteryear of automobiles, there is no stopping the turning tide of technology and its impact on automobiles. Below are five ways that cars are changing.

Going Electric

When electric cars first hit markets, they were inaccessible and expensive. There weren’t many of them. Chargers weren’t available. Now Tesla chargers are everywhere. The cost of an electric vehicle has also gone down. They are no longer obscenely expensive. Now they are just about as affordable as the average gas-fueled vehicle. Soon, electric cars will likely replace the traditional automobile entirely. There will always be people who have nostalgia for the old muscle cars and other powerful machines like them, but for now the trend is going electric.

Remote Test Drives

One of the ways that cars are getting safer is that there is the ability to remotely test drive models. This means that carmakers can test their new cars without putting anyone in harm’s way. A test driver can control the vehicle in the office and avoid putting themselves in danger. Enabling the driver to push the limits, the company can then take this data and analyze it to make safer cars. Volvo has always been known for safe automobiles, but now they are taking it a step further by investing in new safety features and remote test driving.

New Safety Features

New safety features are popping up all the time. Between image capture alerting the driver when they are getting close to another car and lane-assist alerting them to stay in their lane, there is no end to the amount of safety features available in modern cars. There is even drowsiness protection that detects when the driver is getting sleepy. It’s incredible. While some of these features veer into oversight, the technologies carmakers are using to make their cars safer will undoubtedly result in less accidents and deaths.


Using a computer with image capture and GPS, cars are capable of automation. Automation is when a machine can perform a function without human interference. Cars can now change lanes, exit the highways, keep speed, and swerve out of the way when a car nears them. Automation and self-driving are different, but automation technologies will enable the possibility of self-driving. With these advancements, the roads will get safer and more efficient. Once most of the cars on the road are automated, traffic will improve, and accidents will decrease.


With all these advancements making cars safer, car insurance is changing. When you buy a car like a Tesla, the parts may be very expensive, increasing the cost of your insurance. But as they get safer, there will be less accidents and overall, the insurance business will be forced to reckon with this truth. Perhaps when the roads are much safer, there won’t be need for insurance at all. All of this will continue to change as time goes on. Will insurance be necessary? Will they come up with a new way to charge people money? Whatever happens, the insurance industry will have to come to terms with the changes in the automotive industry.

There is no stopping the evolution of technology. It continues to change and advance. These changes will not stop impacting the car industry. Whether you like it or not, automobiles will evolve with the times. They will get more technological, more advanced, safer, quieter, and automated. One day soon we could live in a world where no one drives, there are no accidents, and traffic is optimized.

The way we live is always in flux. Our lifestyle is too lavish, and the environment suffers because of it. We will all need to change our lifestyles. Electric cars can help, but their batteries are also bad for the environment. Technology will help us solve these problems, and one area that is ripe for change is transportation. Cars are becoming something else; they are evolving.