What to ask your movers before hiring? – Top 5 background check tips

If you are moving to a new home in another city – whether in your state or another, hiring a moving company is the best and safest way to get your things to your new place. These companies will help you do the packing, provide vehicles, and deliver your items on time.

Nonetheless, honestly speaking, the process of hiring the right mover is not easy. It’s always 

advisable to discuss with each of the movers you meet and ask them a few questions about their services. If you are wondering what to ask, here are the top 5 questions you should ask before hiring them.

Do you have a valid licence?

Since you are about to trust a company you’ve never worked with before with your valuable items, it’s good to know whether they have a valid licence or not. You can ask the nyc movers to give you their licence number to know whether there has been a complaint about their services from the governing agency.

By the way, companies that offer interstate moving have a different licence from those that offer moving services within a specific state.

Do you have functional insurance coverage?

Accidents can happen during the process of moving from one home to another. For instance, the movers can lose your items, cause damage, or even injure themselves during the process. If the company doesn’t have insurance, the company might ask you to cover the damages.

Therefore, it’s good to ask this question to know whether you’ll get your items back if they lose or damaged during the moving process.

Do you have your own vehicles?

It might not be one of the most frequently asked questions, but you need to know whether the company has its own vehicles. Let me explain why. If the company hires vehicles from a logistics company, they’ll have to cater for its cost.

They might include it in the quote, which could ultimately affect the entire cost of your moving process. So, ensure that you ask this question and get to know how big they are.

Do quotes have hidden fees?

When you ask for a quote, some moving companies will give you an estimate with a low price to lure you into hiring them. They’ll also have hidden fees, which they charge during the day of moving.

Hence, ask whether the estimate they provide is a binding estimate or not. It ensures that the price remains the same as long as you don’t add anything to your inventory. You can save money by not working with a broker and asking for discounts.

How will you handle my move?

The final thing is to ask the company how their movers function. Get to know when they’ll arrive at your home, whether they will pack and unpack once you get to the new home, how they will handle heavy items such as furniture and things like the piano, and so forth.

Besides that, you should ask when to expect the items in your new home. If you want them to store them for you before you arrive, ask them how much it will cost.


Ask as many questions as possible. Don’t stop at these five only. And remember, every moving company is different. Therefore, you may have to know how they operate and weigh in on whether you should hire them or not.

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