Bloomcare Rowan Garth: Mental Health Care

The Bloomcare Rowan Garth residence offers specialist mental health services, providing consistent expert care solutions for residential services across the North West. With an emphasis on rehabilitation and support, Bloomcare strives to achieve positive change in the most effective manner possible. Bloomcare places a particular focus on delivering person-centred care, recognising that every resident is unique and appreciating the need for in-depth individual assessment and personalised care to deliver the most effective mental health care achievable.

Some of the residents of Bloomcare Rowan Garth display obvious and severe symptoms. Like anyone, a person affected by a mental health condition will experience their ups and down. However, mental health conditions tend to make these peaks and troughs more pronounced, necessitating a degree of care and attention. Left unchecked, these ups and downs could potentially spiral into a relapse of a condition, which in some cases may call for intervention and admission to acute mental health services.

Bloomcare Rowan Garth’s time-proven approach centres around minimising these relapses and admissions. The Bloomcare family strives to prevent situations from progressing that far by providing clients with personalised expert care as promptly as possible. Bloomcare Rowan Garth’s skilled and dedicated team is trained to recognise change quickly, taking appropriate action in a timely and decisive manner to minimise the negative impact of these changes.

Specialist aspects of mental health care catered for by Bloomcare Rowan Garth include:

  • Dementia care, providing personalised services and on-site amenities to set a new standard for specialist memory care
  • Reintegration care, providing clients with a little respite and presenting them with an opportunity to develop the skills to make better lifestyle choices
  • Rehabilitation, helping clients to break additions to drink and drugs and maintain their abstinence, paving the way for a better quality of life

At Bloomcare Rowan Garth, residents benefit from personalised care plans and bespoke care packages, helping to ensure that each client receives the respect and integrity they deserve while simultaneously reinforcing their independence.

At every residence across the Bloomcare family, the organisation promotes positive therapeutic relationships, relying on the support of highly experienced handpicked professionals who share Bloomcare’s understanding and empathy.

Bloomcare Rowan Garth strives to earn and retain the trust of every client it serves, creating an environment that is conducive to residents raising concerns, negotiating options, and building a shared understanding of their condition. Bloomcare works closely with individuals to help them breakdown barriers, overcome challenges and identify possible solutions, helping them to re-establish and retain positive, lasting control over their own lives.