The Entrepreneurs Network Tech StartUp Manifesto Supported by Family Law Cafe

The Entrepreneurs Network Tech StartUp Manifesto Supported by Family Law Cafe

New ideas put forward in the Tech Startup Manifesto which was today launched by the The Entrepreneurs Network have been warmly welcomed by Family Law Cafe. Calling on the government, the manifesto aims to garner support for UK tech start-ups by putting them at the centre stage of its economic strategy.

The manifesto was co-written with COADEC (Coalition for a digital economy).

It seeks that the government promote greater access to capital for start-ups, with one example being to reform the pension charge cap and allow more institutional funds to be unleashed to support new tech businesses.

It also calls for the British Business Bank to supercharge its approach to investing in underrepresented founders pointing out that only 11p in every investment pound goes to women founders.

It wants the government to expand visa schemes in order that the UK attracts the best talent and that startup regulation is clear, simple, and flexible enough to help disruptors grow.

Family Law Cafe has successfully harnessed tech by creating a digital platform using private investment so that family law matters can be dealt with securely online.  This slashes overheads and means family law work is positioned around the paying customer with solicitors, barristers, financial advisors, and other specialists being brought in if and when they are needed.

Joanna Toch, founder of Family Law Cafe, says, “By using tech, we can flip the usual way a family law matter is dealt with on its head.  Anyone with a family problem can come to us at any stage. We find out what help they need, and they sign up to use our online platform paying a fixed monthly fee. We then bring in lawyers and specialists as needed on the platform, which is both convenient, private and puts the person with the problem in charge rather than the lawyers.”

“We are disrupting the family court system in favour of lower costs and much faster progress.  We make sure that we use all options, including non-court ones, to get matters fixed as soon as possible. We use tech as a driver for change”

“The UK has a tradition of innovation, and our incoming Prime Minister needs to hit the ground running and provide the support that can uplift our tech start-ups which have the potential to generate jobs and income.  As a woman founder, and with women at the core of my team, I want every opportunity to see our business grow”.

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