Cryptos & E-Wallets: Pros, Cons & Reasons Why People Use Them

Cryptos & E-Wallets: Pros, Cons & Reasons Why People Use Them

Crypto and E-wallets have been used for buying stuff online or any transaction like paying bills or investing for the future. They have similar and different functions and features that affect how users manage their finances. But in any innovation, there are some pros and cons to them. 

From shopping to online gaming, online merchants prefer these electronic payments. You can find the best online casino in New Zealand, use them as a bankroll, and even encourage their players for bonuses. So let’s talk about the difference between crypto and e-wallets and how they change how we handle money.

Crypto in a Nutshell

Crypto is a decentralized type of currency not tied to any governing bodies for value. The most popular cryptos are Bitcoin and Ethereum, where you can invest in them, and the value will change depending on the market.


Using crypto has its perks, anonymity, accessibility, and a high-return potential. Cryptos are well known for these three, and here is why.

  • Anonymity – this feature ensures the user’s privacy in every transaction for identity theft protection.them
  • Potential significant increase – too many; crypto is a good investment, with its value sometimes skyrocketing.  
  • Accessibility – crypto is easy to use and widely available to anyone; quick transaction makes it safe and convenient to use.


While it has its convenience, there are also cons that you need to know. They are limited application, no legal regulations, and instability; some of them include:

  • Limited applications – though it has existed for decades, crypto has a limited application as a form of payment compared to credit or debit cards.
  • No legal regulations – the decentralized nature of crypto is its strength and weakness, making it prone to fraud or scam.
  • Instability – high risk and high reward as it is not a centralized currency; anything can sway its value, and you can lose money if you are not careful.

Why Do They Use It?

Crypto is primarily used just like stock in the stock market, where its value may go up or down. Other features like as a payment option as it is untraceable to you. Many people invest in data mining which is the most profitable option for cryptocurrency, but it is a huge investment to data mine.

E-Wallet Defined

Technology provides a better way of making payments. E-wallets function more like traditional debit cards. With smartphones, you can access a portion of your money deposited in the account. E-wallets are excellent for managing finances, and many merchants acknowledge them as a form of payment.


E-wallets have some pros, but the ones that stand out are fast transactions, portability, and excellent money saver; let’s check them out:

  • Fast transaction – payments are a breeze with the transaction process in seconds and always the exact amount.
  • Portability – no more thick bills or heavy coin purses; you only need to scan the QR code with your smartphone.
  • Excellent money savers – there are many money-saving features on the e-wallet app; you can invest in stocks or an online piggy bank.


There are inconveniences with using e-wallets. Some of them are limited accessibility, dependent on technology, and may incur some fees for transfers. New technology can be complex so let’s enumerate some of them.

  • Limited accessibility – most e-wallets have limited accessibility only in your country.
  • Technologically dependent – you can access the features only through your smartphones, 
  • Some may incur fees – especially bank transfers have fees, and some vendors also have service fees when you deposit to your account through them.

Why Do They Use It?

It is an extension of your wallet; the e-wallet provides a fast and secure mode of paying bills and shopping. Many use them as a bankroll in online casinos and have features to save money. A quick way to buy stuff online or top-up games online makes using e-wallets convenient for this generation.

Wrapping up

Crypto is a new form of currency that is an excellent investment to many, and to some, it is a mode of payment. Crypto may be a good investment, but it has its flaws. It has limited applications and is acknowledged only by a few companies as a mode of payment. The best crypto investment is still data mining, and it is a vast market.

E-wallets is an electronic debit cards with added features. Smartphones are essential for you to access the app, and it is convenient to use as a mode of payment online, and some merchants accept them. It lessens the use of cash which is widely practiced due to the pandemic.