Florida MMJ: The Use of Medical Marijuana Nowadays

In the U.S., it is currently possible to obtain a medical marijuana reference to treat certain illnesses and symptoms. ​​Florida MMJ will examine to identify if having a card for clinical cannabis can assist you. Once you get a recommendation, our responsive staff will help you through every step of the process necessary to receive a card for legal medical marijuana in FL.

But first, let’s figure out a little more about healthcare cannabis and its benefits.

Different Types of Marijuana

It is incorrect to equate medical cannabis with recreational cannabis since its purpose is not to bring pleasure but to alleviate suffering. That’s why specially bred varieties of cannabis with modified chemical compositions are used to produce healthcare cannabis.

Breeders found it easy by dividing the therapeutic and hypnotic components between the various parts of the body. 

Most of the medicine varieties are derived from India, a subspecies of Indian cannabis. In recreational varieties, the stimulant effect strongly predominates over the relaxing effect.  

The Therapeutic Properties of Marijuana

The effects of cannabis on the human body began to be studied during the great psychedelic revolution, but the early studies lacked objectivity. Because the samples were mostly marginalized people who did not know the measure, for a long time it was believed that the infatuation with pot gives nothing but social and intellectual degradation. The scientists figured out relatively recently how cannabis works in small doses and were pretty surprised when they found out that when used in moderation, cannabis is not harmful to everyone and not always.

Marijuana’s medicinal qualities first came to the notice of oncologists, who observed that pot-smoking clients, better tolerate chemotherapy. In 1979, specialists from the National Cancer Institute performed some of the first-ever clinical studies to prove the efficacy of artificial THC for persistent vomiting and sickness in oncology patients. Over half of these patients felt much better after taking it in small amounts. When the dosage was increased, 79% of the subjects already felt a positive change. High doses turned out to be particularly useful, relieving 94% of patients from unpleasant symptoms.

Up to 66 percent of US cancer patients use cannabis medicinal cannabis to relieve pain, fatigue, and sickness while undergoing chemotherapy, says the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute in Seattle. To quickly quell attacks of vomiting and severe pain, it is recommended that extracts of cannabis be snorted with a handheld vaporizer or nose spray. Cannabinoids enter the lungs almost instantly into the bloodstream and provide instant relief. The marijuana is consumed orally to help prevent and manage subsequent seizures. Its active substances are slowly taken from the digestive tract, giving a smooth, long-lasting action.

Medical Marijuana Card in Florida

You may be able to get a reference for medical cannabis for certain healthcare conditions. Our board-certified doctors will examine you to see if the medical cannabis card can benefit you. 

So, here are the next steps you should take:

  1. Get an Assessment Appointment – your healthcare marijuana card screening appointment is available online or by phone.
  2. Receive an estimate – let our doctors, certified in Florida, decide if a medical cannabis card can help you find some relief.
  3. Sign up on the exact day – when you bring your medical paperwork with you, our practitioners may suggest approvals on the given day so you can start your healthcare marijuana card immediately.

Once you get a recommendation, our responsive associates will guide you through every step of the necessary steps to get a card for medicinal cannabis in Florida, from signing up with the FL Department of Health to locating the nearest clinical cannabis centers in your community.

Under Florida law, your medical cannabis certificate will only be available for 210 days (7 months), which means you’ll have to renew it with us to keep your government healthcare card for cannabis is applicable.

Marijuana Doctor provide you with the best services. So don’t hesitate to contact us and stay healthy with Marijuana Doctor.