5 Smart Employer Branding Ideas You Should Know

Building a solid and reputable employer brand is not just about attracting a few candidates for the present job openings available at your organization. It’s more than just that; it is a long-term effort channeled toward positioning your organization as a brand that both top talents and customers can relate to and would like to build a healthy relationship with.

The above is an inclination that an employer that seeks to give his firm strong branding has much to benefit from it. Aside from the top talents it attracts and keeps, your brand becomes inviting to customers; you get to retain your existing employees, thereby preventing staff turnover. Below are some smart employer branding ideas you should adopt in your organization.

Convey The Organization’s Visions and Value

It would help if you didn’t wait till the interview stage before talking about what your organization stands for. As an innovative employer, you should open the communication links before the job application period. Make it a habit to exercise your organization’s values in your daily actions.

You cannot build a brand in a day; it takes time, dedication, and consistency. That’s why you should regularly demonstrate integrity and infuse trust. If you are indeed committed to these values, people would be able to tell without any doubt. For instance, if your organization’s core value is innovation, it should be reflected in your recruitment events and campaigns.

Step Up to The Virtual World

Of course, your prospective hires are digitally-inclined. Your organization should step up to that height. Prospective hires will likely pay attention to your organization’s social media presence and not overlook the user experience your company provides.

According to Jobvite, today’s job seekers utilize mobile and social media to find jobs and have insight into an organization’s culture and values. If you want to attract top talents, ignoring social platforms is not an option. Instead, your organization should have a solid and loud social media presence. In addition, your website should be user-friendly and responsive.

Organize Industry Events

A smart way of establishing your brand as an industry leader is to host industry events. Creating engaging conversations and conferences will attract bright minds and top talents seeking new job collaborations and opportunities. You can opt for targeted recruitment events or large conferences to pull together your organization’s Human Resources, sales, or marketing goals.

However, you should note that for any choice you opt for, if you want your organization to be the first brand that comes to the minds of top and unique talents, you also have to be the first choice for your industry.

Utilize And Encourage Feedback

Like a marketer, you need to be aware of what your prospective hires might like or not like about your organization’s brand or the way you present it. You should be open to receiving valuable opinions, criticism, or suggestions, so you can sort out your flaws and bring your organization’s image to perfection.

It would be best if you were interested in listening to your potential hires’ thought about your brand. If you present your brand as being flexible and willing enough to change, it influences an outsider to give an honest review of what they think of your company. This step alone pushes your brand to be shortlisted for “next best employer.”

Stand Tall in the Crowd

As an employer, you should know by now that following the crowd is the easiest means of depriving your brand of creativity. You should discover, unveil and identify the uniqueness that comes with your brand– that quality that makes your brand different from all other brands in the industry.

After identifying the uniqueness you bring to the table, you need to become expressive about it at every given opportunity. Please turn up your volume, post it on various social media platforms, and include it in your organization’s websites and LinkedIn profiles. Convey why it is great to work at your organization and highlight the “specialness” that makes you unique from the others; you can’t tell who might come across it. Every brand has a uniqueness; you only have to discover it. This gives your organization a competitive edge in the industry.

Final Thoughts

The importance of a good employer brand cannot be overemphasized in today’s competitive world. Top talents will only choose to be recognized with organizations that have a strong reputation and branding. About 50 percent of the workforce admits they won’t join an organization with a terrible reputation, even with tempting pay, thus, the need for employer branding. Adopt the above steps and watch your organization become a force to reckon with.