How Your Business Can Benefit From Using eSignature

How Your Business Can Benefit From Using eSignature

Gone are the days when you had to pass a physical document back and forth for signing. In today’s fast-paced world, someone in a different continent and time zone can sign an important document and return it to you within seconds or minutes.

An electronic signature is a binding proof of identity and intent toward an item in an electronic document. While you might have to sign a document physically, you can choose an eSignature that is more reliable, convenient and less tasking, especially if the process involves more than one person.

How does it work?

The process of electronically signing a document involves several steps. First, you receive the document and open the link. Second, you sign in the appropriate and allocated slots that require a signature. Third, you complete the process by clicking finish to indicate that you are through. The next step will involve sending the document back.

The benefits of electronic signatures

An electronic signature is easy to use and saves time while boosting productivity. Since it does not require much to operate, your employees have the time to concentrate on more important matters that can increase sales and customer service.

It saves time and money

If you consider how much time it will take for you to sign a paper document and send it to another person in a different state to sign, you will realize that you will lose a lot of time in between. It is easy for a physical document to get lost among other similar packages during transit. If such were to happen, you would need to start the entire process. Electronic signatures are quick and straightforward, saving you time and money.

Electronic signatures do not require you to use paper, package it, and ship it anywhere. Since it is an automated operation, you only need your computer to send the documents to your clients or suppliers and wait for them to sign. With paper signatures, you will have to spend money to make the document accessible to other signees.

It is authentic

An electronic signature can instill reliability and trust in your company. If all the data you send out bears your electronic signature, your clientele base will associate that data with your company. The information will remain binding and authentic as long as that electronic signature stands.

While people can copy and alter your signature, it is difficult to interfere with an electronic signature.

It enhances security

When you want to share sensitive and confidential information, you must secure that data. Electronic signatures make the identification and verification of information easier. If you are a person who is supposed to access that information, you must have the right credentials for access.

Electronic signatures make it easy to trail a line of communication in case of miscommunication by looking at previous communication patterns.

It is environment-friendly

Electronic signatures make your environment friendly and clutter-free. Imagine having a store room full of papers while you have small spaces that are difficult to navigate. When you use electronic signatures, you can free up office space.

Paper or wet signatures require the use of documents leading to full filing cabinets, and the disposal of such can lead to littering. With electronic signatures, you can store your data in a drive, which takes up far less space than a filing cabinet.

It is compliant with the law

In business transactions, finding yourself in a lawsuit you did not expect is easy. However, you might struggle with providing evidence when looking for paper contracts that were completed years ago. Electronic signatures will make it easier to present evidence because you can access all previous electronic agreements through a click.

Whether you have a large or small firm, electronic signatures will serve your clientele base no matter their size. The personalization and inclusivity that comes with eSignatures can make your organization retain your clients for a long time.

It is time to bid paper contracts goodbye. Let your clients and other signees trust and rely on your services while they experience the security of electronic signatures. Embrace the digital signing of documents to take your business to a new level in customer interactions.