Holiday Sale is Live: Avail the Code Signing Certificates starting at $33.99/year

UK, November 14th 2022: The biggest sale to buy Code Signing Certificate is Live with astonishing offers and deals. SignMyCode, one of the most reputed and authorized certificate providers and partner of Sectigo, is back with top-notch solutions at cheap prices. The SignMyCode Holiday Sale offers the best certificate solutions, ensuring accelerated security, performance, and brand reputation.

Whether you are an individual software publisher or an organization, SignMyCode has brought A-grade solutions for all. Moreover, you don’t have to wait any longer, as the sale starts on 7th November 2022 and ends on 31st December 2022. You can select from a range of software publisher certificates from Comodo, Sectigo, and Certera.

In addition, with every purchase from SignMyCode, you get the below leverages:

– 30% faster certificate issuance in comparison to other vendors and resellers.

– 24/7 support for technical and general queries from professionals.

– Limitless and Free certificate issuance.

– 100% authenticity guarantees that the Certificate is from the mentioned Certificate Authority only.

– Freely available online tools for smooth CSR generation.

– Full refund to the source account if canceled within the 30-days from purchase.

– Lowest price certificates in the whole industry.

– Multi-platform and browser-compatible solutions, eliminating Unknown Publisher Warnings.

– Secure Hardware Token delivery for EV certificates, guaranteeing private key confidentiality and integrity.

This SignMyCode Holiday Season Sale has brought prices to an extreme low, starting only from $33.99/year. You also get the benefit of a lock-in subscription, which will save you from a price increase in the upcoming year. You will be utilizing the Code Signing services at a low price, even when the price increases for others. For more details about the offer visit:

Furthermore, SignMyCode solely dedicates it to providing Code Signing Certificate. And it aligns with all the latest standards and guidelines. Due to its reliable and trustworthy characteristics, it has obtained the partnership directly from Sectigo Certificate Authority. Hence, the products you purchase will come directly from the leading certificate entities.

Publishers wait for a long time to avail themselves of such offers. But you don’t have to, as you can directly navigate to SignMyCode to get the deal in just three easy steps:

– Visit
– Select Code Signing Certificate and add it to the cart.

– Once you add the product to the cart, an appropriate discount will apply. Make a payment, and you are ready to move further.

You can follow the same process for all three Code Signing Certificates from your favorite CA. However, SignMyCode also filters out some outstanding solutions for its customers, which include:

– Cetera Code Signing Certificate

– Comodo Code Signing Certificate

– Comodo EV Code Signing Certificate

– Comodo Code Signing Certificate

– Sectigo Code Signing Certificate

– Sectigo Individual Code Signing Certificate

– Sectigo EV Code Signing Certificate

You can seamlessly purchase and utilize every product from SignMyCode on Microsoft Authenticode, Mozilla Object Files, Microsoft Office, Device Drivers, Apple macOS, Adobe Air, Microsoft Windows, MS Visual, Java Applets, Java Apps, and Microsoft Silverlight. A cutting-edge code signing certificate, supported by all platforms and that too at a cheap price, is totally a blockbuster deal of the year.

And the sale benefits don’t end after purchase, as SignMyCode has well-established support for you. From the 24/7 availability of code signing experts to guides and instruction manuals to pass Individual Validation, Organization Validation, and Extended validation, you get all the advantages through a single provider.

Hence, if you want to make your code tamper-proof, build brand reputation, and provide a seamless user experience by investing a small amount. Then, Code Signing Certificate from SignMyCode is all you need. Be a client of a reputed firm trusted by Intel, Cisco, Cognizant, and many other global brands.

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