Web Banner App Gets COVID-19 Updates Out Quicker


Businesses can now use a new app to easily publish COVID-19 updates on their websites so customers understand how to contact them and what effect it has on their services.

UK based business Wildfire Internet has developed the app following a flood of requests from website owners who needed to inform customers visiting the websites of their trading position, delays to shipping and how to contact them with offices being closed down as staff moved to homeworking.

“We started to get phone calls from clients needing an urgent message added to their website to let people know what was happening” said Neil Whelan, MD of Wildfire Internet.

“Many companies wanted to reassure people they were still providing essential services in line with government guidelines, such as electrical services and food deliveries. Others needed to advise product deliveries were impacted, or how to stay in touch due to office closures.”

Typically businesses put a message somewhere on their home page, but visits to websites often come in to many different landing pages where the message is not displayed. Using the app, the message is published at the top of every single page on the site so all visitors are informed irrespective of which page they first visited. The app only needs a single line of html code added to a site once and then marketers can post and change updates without the need for a developer thereby eliminating delays and costs.

Continuing, Neil added: “We quickly realised that many other businesses were in the same position and just wanted to get their message out really quickly so we rolled our sleeves up and released the app as fast as we could to help them out.”

With the COVID-19 lockdown being so widespread and disruptive, the company took the decision to release it for free to help as much as possible during a difficult period.

“It’s a generally useful app for pushing out all sorts of important updates or promotions so we will keep the core banner service free even once the pandemic finally ends.”

You can sign up for the app at: https://oursiteupdates.com

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