6 Tips For Protecting Trees During Winter

The coldest season of the year can be tough on all of us, trees included. Young trees are particularly vulnerable to extreme winter weather because they lack an established root system and bark. Everything from cold winds to heavy snow and freezing temperatures can damage trees in the winter.

Fortunately, you can take some measures to ensure your trees endure extreme winter weather with as little stress and damage as possible. At Southern Star Tree Service, they take pride in providing dependable and budget-friendly tree services in many locations in Georgia. If you’re looking for a professional tree service in Alpharetta to help you with emergency tree removal or tree removal, reach out to Southern Star Tree Service.

The following are some of the simple steps you can take to protect your trees in winter:

  • Watering

Just because temperatures are plummeting and your trees are going dormant doesn’t mean they have stopped needing water. Ensure you water your trees adequately throughout the fall until the ground freezes. Proper watering keeps trees healthy and helps them to endure cold weather. Young and newly-planted trees lack an established and extensive root system, so they need adequate soil moisture to sustain themselves.

  • Mulching

In the late fall to early winter, place a 4-inch layer of mulch around the bases of the trees to insulate the roots and soil against low temperatures. Ensure the mulch extends just beyond the tree’s dripline. Mulch protects the soil around the tree’s bases from frost and helps to retain moisture in the soil around the tree. If you need help with mulching your trees, get in touch with a professional tree service.

  • Pruning

The time of dormancy during winter is a great time to prune your trees. Winter pruning is less stressful for your trees, encourages future spring growth, and prevents the spreading of tree diseases. If you’re looking for a trusted tree service to help you prune your trees, call Southern Star Tree Service.

  • Stop Fertilizing Trees Six Weeks Before the First Fall Frost

This allows trees to harden off properly so that they can endure extreme cold weather. It’s also not advisable to fertilize trees during the winter because the trees are in the dormancy stage, meaning their roots are not absorbing the amount of nutrients they normally do.

  • Wrap Burlap Around Young and Newly-Planted Trees

Young trees are susceptible to winter damage, so it’s advisable to wrap them with burlap to protect them from rapid temperature changes and critters.

  • Spray Your Trees with Anti-Transpirant to Prevent Moisture Loss

An anti-transpirant provides a protective waxy coating that shields trees from moisture loss during high-stress times.

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