Pizza fans will spend a staggering £52,924 on the food over their lifetime

A poll of 2,000 adults found that they consume the popular dish on average seven times per week.

This includes a combination of takeaway and shop-bought pizzas – amounting to £70 a month or more than £750 a year.

Residents of the North East enjoy nine pies per month, and are more likely to eat it than anyone else in the UK.

Commissioned by Chicago Town, the study also found 35 per cent consider the dish to be the UK’s favourite fast food.

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Pizza brings people together

However, slow delivery times and poor-quality services are leading to more pizza fans opting for home-cooked versions.

Rachel Bradshaw, spokesperson for Chicago Town Takeaway pizza – which can be delivered to your door via grocery service Gorillas and cooked at home, within 30 minutes – said: “Pizza is all about getting together.

“Whether it’s a midweek treat with the family, or with friends over a game of football at the weekend.”

56% of respondents said they wait for take-out to arrive at their homes for an hour or more. Only 7 percent feel that it always arrives on the time.

And half usually receive pizza that is ‘warm or lukewarm’, with only five per cent getting theirs over the threshold ‘piping hot’.

OnePoll polled as many as 82% of respondents who had ordered pizzas or had their order cancelled by some unknown reason somewhere between their home and the take-out shop.

The average pizza fan will spend money on takeout pizzas

In a lifetime: £42,487

In a year: £675

A month: £56

The average pizza fan will spend money on pizzas purchased at a shop.

In a lifetime: £10,437

In a year: £166

In a month: £14


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