Oryen Network, Fantom, And Mask Network Will Be The Stars Of 2023

Oryen Network, Fantom, And Mask Network Will Be The Stars Of 2023

The markets always call the shots in the investment arena, gauging and controlling them throughout their life cycle. Like in traditional markets, cryptocurrencies have seen both challenging and good times. Nonetheless, that’s the nature of the financial markets, whether centralized or decentralized. The pandemic in 2020 added salt to an already bearish market. 2021 witnessed the crypto market’s resuscitation, and prices began rising again before undergoing a battering in 2022.

As 2023 beckons, experts are optimistic about a bullish market with high prospects for Oryen, Fantom, and Mask. Business2Community lists Oryen among the best altcoins to consider in 2022.

Oryen Network

Running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) protocol, Oryen Network provides an easy staking mechanism for its native token, ORY. The DeFi platform’s outstanding feature is the Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT), which eliminates traditional prerequisites.

Oryen’s 90% fixed APY with hourly payouts gives investors a daily ROI of 0.177%. The feature resonates well with investors looking for early payout rather than waiting long periods to access their returns.

Oryen offers a risk-free value (RFV) wallet that cushions against inflation and guarantees that ORY maintains its value, whatever the circumstances. RFV also ensures that investors enjoy yields even in adverse market conditions.

Oryen doesn’t have vesting. It is auto-airdropped to holders’ wallets. All ICO buyers get an equal opportunity to secure presale benefits at a launch price of $0.35. The performance of ORY has been record-breaking.

The astronomical increase in price from the initial ICO debut price of $0.05 to the current seventh presale phase price of $0.21, which signifies a massive 320%. Such outstanding performance has elicited positive video reviews from Safemoon whale Jim Crypto.

Fantom Network

Fantom Network is a blockchain whose token FTM facilitates staking, payments, and digital authentication. It aims at fast and cheap transactions on its blockchain protocol and a simplified staking system. However, with FTM’s high volatility, Oryen’s auto-staking is a game-changer.

Mask Network

Mask Network is a DeFi protocol that facilitates encrypted messages bridging blockchain functions and social media interactions. Using its native token, MASK, investors can execute on-chain transactions. Its Web3 solutions are reasonable when you consider utility, but Oryen impresses with its unique features.


As Oryen Network surges towards the year’s close on a high, its momentum will peak in 2023. As a result, industry analysts place it on top of their radar along with Fantom and Mask.

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