Gems To Look Out For In The Incoming Bull Run: Oryen Network, Huobi (HT) And BitDAO (BIT)

All indications point to a bullish market in 2023, with experts pinpointing Oryen Network, Huobi (HT), and BitDAO (BIT) as the gems to buy and hold. Going by its presale performance, experts and investors are putting Oryen at the top of their list of the best investments for 2023.

Conformed by the price jump of 320% in the current presale (7), industry analysts consider ORY a coin to watch. ORY made Business2Community’s list of the top altcoins to invest in 2022. Moreover, ORY will likely outpace HT and BIT as it continues the upward trajectory in the expected incoming bull run.

Oryen Network (ORY)

Oryen is a DeFi project which offers its investors the Oryen auto-staking technic (OAT) that auto-compounds hourly rewards.

Oryen doesn’t have vesting. It is auto-airdropped to the holders’ wallets. As such, all the ICO buyers get an equal opportunity to secure presale gains. The launch price of ORY is $0.35.

Oryen’s annual percentage yield (APY) returns a daily ROI of 0.177% to realize fixed yearly gains of 90%. The feature is perfect even for investors who prefer early access to payouts. Oryen’s risk-free value (RFV) wallet and Treasury support ensure ORY maintains its value even in adverse market conditions. In essence, RFV guarantees gains to investors.

ORY has outperformed itself with an astronomical price increase since its initial ICO debut price of $0.05. The price of $0.21 is a whopping 320% gain that has elicited positive attention and video reviews by The Defi Guys and other crypto enthusiasts.

Huobi (HT)

Huobi rewards its HT token holders with transaction fee discounts and voting rights. Holders also get access to special Huobi events and new cryptocurrencies. Holders expect to earn rewards, but they’re dependent on their performance.


BitDAO is an open platform that allows BIT token holders to build a decentralized economy. BIT holders generate proposals for projects. The incubation labs will employ builders for projects, and ownership rests with BitDAO either directly or indirectly.


As 2023 approaches, the cryptocurrency market is yearning to recuperate after the harsh and battering conditions. For ORY, things worked as expected, and the price offering of $0.05 rose and now stands at $0.21 in the current presale 7. Riding on its ICO success, Oryen Network is soaring toward the expected bullish run. Similarly, Huobi (HT) and BitDAO (BIT) will continue their price runs, and analysts expect ORY to soar higher, considering its current stellar performance.

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