Is Dogeliens the Next Meme Coin to give Potentially 100x return, and Is It a Reliable Alternative to TRON and Algorand?

Cryptocurrencies attract people because they are decentralized digital assets. Affordable exchange rates and global acceptance make those assets extremely valuable. The crypto market is currently offering over 20,000 unique cryptocurrencies. It is difficult to identify a token that may deliver 100x returns. Some people consistently track cryptocurrency prices to recognize emerging crypto assets. That tactic can work if you carefully assess other features of the chosen assets. Community tokens have taken the crypto market by storm. Dogeliens (DOGET) is the new player in the meme coin space and a community-driven digital asset. It may provide multifold returns and compete with TRON (TRX) and Algorand (ALGO) tokens to gain the attention of budding investors.

Dogeliens: The New Pup-Pet Master of the Dog Token Family

Many dog-themed tokens have emerged after the success of Dogecoin. The meme token space got many new entries. People are investing in those tokens to make a profit with their growth. While many meme coins lack utility, the Dogeliens Token aims to provide added utility and benefits. The Dogeliens platform will operate as a community focused on growth and profit. Community members will vote for favourable changes.

Offering a chance to donate to a good cause

The Dogeliens platform will introduce a democratic voting system for charity. Community members will select a charity to donate funds. Users can also propose improvement ideas. Major improvements will occur if most community members vote for the proposed changes. The ultimate goal is to offer a fun cryptocurrency that takes forward the hype of predecessor meme coins. Added utility assures investors that it is built to last forever. It will make sure dogs always rule the meme coin space. 

Ready to invade the Metaverse

The Dogeliens platform is all set to invade the Metaverse. It will support innovative games and launch them in the Metaverse. Users will get pioneering charity-sharing concepts to help others. Community members will get instant access to educational content. It will provide guides and tutorials on crypto trading, decentralized finance (DeFi), decentralized applications (dApps), and other blockchain technology-related projects. Dogeliens will do everything it takes to build a community of well-educated and entrepreneurial users. It has a solid roadmap, and its plans will come into action after the launch of the DOGET Token. 

How to buy the DOGET Token?

There is a total supply of 25,000,000,000 DOGET tokens. This platform will provide 30% tokens in presale rounds. Follow the blow-explained steps to buy this token in the ongoing presale round:

  • Get the MetaMask or Trust Wallet as a browser extension, or you can download their mobile apps.
  • Buy BSC Tokens or transfer BSC tokens from another wallet to your MetaMask or Trust Wallet.
  • Go to the official website of Dogeliens token and click on the “Buy Presale” option.
  • Complete your registration and then provide purchase details.
  • Fill out the required number of DOGET tokens and then complete the purchase.
  • You will receive purchased DOGET tokens in your crypto wallet.

Buy the DOGET token within 15 minutes of signing up, and you can gain a 10% stage-1 presale bonus, an 8% stage-2 presale bonus, or a 6% stage-6 presale bonus. The bonus percentage depends on the ongoing presale round. You will be eligible for a 22% additional bonus if you utilize BSC/BNB Tokens to buy DOGET Tokens.

TRON: Decentralizing the Web and Empowering Content Creators

TRON (TRX) operates as one of the largest blockchain-powered operating systems. It is on a mission to provide blockchain support with high throughput. dApp developers chose this platform to build highly scalable applications. Thousands of users are using the Tron Blockchain network to develop dApps, launch new tokens, transfer an asset, and governance and staking. The TRX token is TRON’s native utility currency. It was an ERC-20 standard token but later moved to the Tron Blockchain. The TRON Network has surpassed the 4 billion transaction milestone. It proves millions of users use the TRON Blockchain and TRX coins for fast and affordable transactions.

Algorand: An Institutional-grade Blockchain Network Offering Scalability, Security, and Decentralization without Compromises

The Algorand Blockchain is the only decentralized network that has achieved scalability, security, and decentralization without compromises. It is also an environmentally sustainable network to support cutting-edge dApps and DeFi platforms. The Algorand team also encountered issues that have haunted mainstream blockchains for decades. They discovered solutions and built the world’s most scalable, secure, decentralized blockchain network. The ALGO Token is Algorand’s native cryptocurrency. Developers need this token to build feature-rich apps on the Algorand network. Investors can use it for staking rewards, paying transaction fees, and gaining incentives. The New Computer Corporation team has used the Algorand Network to create an open-source suite of tools. Companies can use that suite to move into Web 3.0 readily.

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