Super Bowl Shuts Down Coinbase- HUH Token (HUH) and (CRO) Viral Campaigns

“In the future, everyone will have a parallel digital identity,” actress Reese Witherspoon tweeted on January 12, 2022.

Avatars, crypto wallets, and digital commodities will become commonplace.

What plans do you have for the Metaverse?

While there was no apparent commercial link with a single cryptocurrency, Witherspoon’s tweet was an unmistakable endorsement of the crypto industry, NFTs, and the greater metaverse as a whole.

In 2022, several new cryptocurrencies, including HUH Token (HUH), will try to capitalise on these endorsements. HUH has also displayed a viral Instagram and Twitter campaign.

This strangely timed remark came only days after Matt Damon joined together with (CRO) to promote the cryptocurrency listing site.

“History is strewn with almosts – with individuals who almost adventured, who nearly achieved…then, there are others – the ones who embrace the moment and commit,” Damon says in a contentious TV advertisement. 

“Fortune favours the bold.”

Damon’s involvement in the cryptocurrency sector is the latest in a long line of endorsements and collaborations.

Elon Musk and Dogecoin is maybe the most well-known instance of a well-known person advocating a cryptocurrency (DOGE).

Tesla’s founder has long been a supporter of Dogecoin, announcing as recently as December 2021 that he expects to sell Tesla items using DOGE.

Almost every time Musk has mentioned or tweeted about Dogecoin, the price has risen. 

Meta-Mistakes in the Media

Matt Damon’s partnership with did not provide the same results for CRO or the site itself.

Total site visits are down, and CRO has declined by more than 15% in the last seven days.

The Damon campaign comes only months after paid over $700 million to rename Los Angeles’ Staples Center The Arena for a 20-year term.

However, Coinbase has demonstrated how to perform a far too successful media campaign. 

Super bowl

I hope everyone who watched Sunday night’s Super Bowl between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals had a good time.

During the show, you may have spotted Coinbase’s strong promo, which featured nothing but a QR code hovering on screen for around a minute.

The advertisement also contained a link to get a free $15 in BTC if investors joined the site within the next 48 hours.

The advertising, on the other hand, was just too successful.

The volume of traffic prompted a site outage, but Coinbase’s site was back up and running within a few minutes.

Despite the popularity of the imaginative advertisement, it does not seem to have triggered a rebound in the gloomy blue-chip crypto markets that we’ve witnessed this week!

Furthermore, Coinbase was not the first cryptocurrency exchange to join the fray last night.

One of their competitors, FTX, ran their own advertising, and Bud Light and Turbo Tax advertisements both featured cryptocurrency.

Only time will tell whether such large US consumer exposure to crypto will have a long-term influence on digital asset adoption and comprehension.

It isn’t only the major players who are attempting to create viral campaigns. HUH Token recently had hundreds of well known social media influencers, some with over a million followers, all post about HUH in one mass posting.   

Viral Marketing Manoeuvres

 On December 6, 2021, HUH Token (HUH) launched with incredible success. Its price increased by over 3500% in less than a week. You can find HUH on the decentralised exchanges of PancakeSwap, Uniswap and BitForex.

The HUH Token team states on their website and whitepaper that they are developing an app called “MetHUH”. This will be a social media platform on web3.0 that will implement the monetisation of sentiment analysis.

There is also an NFT marketplace in production which is set to release towards the third quarter of their timeline with version two of both their website and whitepaper. A play-to-earn game is set to release next month. This cryptocurrency is new and has a lot to promise, but the information on this seems shrouded in mystery.

With the world of cryptocurrency becoming more accessible and recognisable, the adoption rate of blockchain technology is increasing exponentially. Whether you take a bet on the Super Bowl and Coinbase or a newer potential moon-shot, always do your own thorough research and invest carefully.

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