2022: Dogecoin Set To Be The First Crypto In Space and HUH Token Over 12,000 Holders!

It seems that cryptocurrency is heading to the literal stratosphere in 2022, if Elon Musk gets his way. Elon wants a satellite to be launched into space that’s entirely funded by Dogecoin, which could see a tremendous spike for the dog faced coin as well as for its holders.

Though, will you be joining Dogecoin to the stratosphere?

If so, you could also be heading to the moon with HUH Token as it continuously increases its holder numbers, currently resting over 12,000 with aims of 1 million in 3 months.

Meaning that the value of HUH Token and Dogecoin could rise exponentially in the New Year… but you could become a holder just ahead of New Year’s eve and potentially gift the currencies too!

Though, why would a dog-faced space-venturing coin be the right one for you and why would HUH Token the MetHUH bound Utimeme be a great start to the New Year?

SpaceX Spaceman’s Crypto Dog?

Elon’s Doge-1 Rocket plans were to see the first, entirely funded by cryptocurrency, satellite in space to demonstrate the sheer power, value and usage of Dogecoin.

The idea seems almost dreamlike, and that’s because cryptocurrency has, in the past month, taken leaps and bounds for its usage and acceptance and is vastly becoming a recognised form banking, finance and the like.

In fact, Robert Courtneidge- Lorde Lock, an anti-money laundering Lawyer believes that crypto regulation is ‘just around the corner’ and with it ‘could see the cryptosphere in global collaboration and increased usage for all’… Courtneidge believes that regulation is the right way forward for crypto and could ‘offer further protection’ for investment and investors as well.

With Elon’s very-high aim it appears that Dogecoin and its holders could be in another race to space, and it appears that DogeBonk are worth contenders.

DogeBonk launched a stratospheric weather balloon which sat in orbit for hours last week, though it seems the balloon was only partially funded by DogeBonk’s cryptocurrency DOBO.

Does this mean that Elon Musk’s fully funded Dogecoin satellite will still be a spectacle to be a part of in 2022?

It seems that way as Dogecoin increases yet again.

HUH Token, HUH?

HUH Token, in its first couple of days saw some holders who deposited $1000 rewarded with $10,000 as new holders rushed to the cryptocurrency newcomer, and it appears that those awe-inspiring numbers have continued, with the likes of a 100% bounce back rate, a 25000% increase since launch, and the potential to see its holders make larger figures in the millions.

The Utimeme token has amassed over 12,000 holders at the time of writing this article and has aims 1 million in three months though with the success of the token thus far, it seems that number is more than attainable.

Currently, HUH Token holders aren’t just benefiting from the perks of HUH’s performance on the cryptocurrency market, they’re also seeing the spoils of HUH Tokens unique referral system. The system give a unique code to the HUH Token holder and when passed on and used by as many people as the holder likes, the holder will receive a 10% BNB bonus for each new holder they bring and the referred party benefits from a 10% sales fee reduction.

With more holders and HUH Tokens recent $4million worth burn that increased the value of HUH for current and future holders, it’s no wonder that HUH Token could be set to be one of the most used and held cryptocurrencies on the market in 2022… though you might not want to wait that long given its crypto Christmas and the new year awaits.

If you like the look of Dogecoin or HUH Token you can visit the links below or Google the currencies as well to find out more, as it’s always best to do your research before investing.

Website: https://huh.social
CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/huh/
Telegram: https://t.me/HUHTOKEN
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HuhToken
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/huhToken/


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