Why Oryen Network Could Flip Market Cap of Shiba Inu and Dogecoin in 2023

Why Oryen Network Could Flip Market Cap of Shiba Inu and Dogecoin in 2023

2022 has been a year of bloodbath, and almost all major cryptocurrencies are down by more than 90%. While there have been short rallies along the way, they never had enough ammo to churn profits for the masses. Under such prevailing market conditions, only cryptos with passive income potential stand out as a profitable choice. Speaking of which, Oryen Network has amassed massive popularity for its community-owned reserve currency, $ORY. It can generate fixed returns up to 90% APY, something that Dogecoin and SHIB holders can only wish for.

What’s the mechanism behind the Oryen Network?

The core functionality of the Oryen protocol is a cutting-edge Autostaking technic that enables anyone to buy, hold, and earn rebase rewards every 60 minutes. The network uses a positive rebase formula to maintain a constantly increasing supply for the holders. Investors receive not only a pro-rata share of rebases but also the governance rights to make important decisions.

The overall mechanism is backed by a treasury and RFV wallet that is designed to support the long-term growth of the ecosystem. While they can help create a strong floor value, the funds can also be used for developing new products and services to expand use cases.

Taxation on $ORY trades is another vital cog of the ecosystem that ensures high-yielding APY and encourages investors to hold rather than trade. Essentially, the protocol derives value from the community and rewards it back as an incentive. It is one of the reasons why Crypto News rated it as one of the best altcoin investments in 2022.

Can it flip SHIB and DOGE in 2023?

The year 2022 has shown us that overhyped coins with no real-world utility will ultimately go to zero. Despite the market cap size, it won’t take much time for Shiba Inu and Dogecoin communities to turn their backs and run for another moonshot. This is where tangible projects like Oryen Network may stand the test of time and even flip some top cryptos in 2023.

The Bottom Line

It’s still too early to make predictions, but given the events that unfolded this year, we can sense future developments. Experts believe Oryen Network could attract DeFi investors looking for consistent returns. It is currently in the 7th presale phase, and the price has gone up to $0.21. It will keep increasing with each session, and you may want to hurry up with your investment plans.

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