IBV International Vaults Hosts Christmas Cocktail Evening with Jacob & Co

LONDON, UK 15th December 2022 – IBV International Vaults, the world’s most exclusive private vault, hosted a festive cocktail evening on Park Lane in Mayfair this week.

Exclusive IBV clients, watch collectors, supercar enthusiasts and other ultra-high net worth individuals attended the invitation-only event. Louis XIII Cognac and Telmont champagne tastings were enjoyed by all, accompanied by food provided by the Dorchester Hotel’s internationally-renowned chefs.  

Most interestingly, guests were invited to take a private tour of the gold studio and vault, where security is just about as ultra as it gets. Its world-class, ultra-secure facility is specifically designed to withstand everything from natural disasters to criminal activity. The vault features multi-tiered security systems with biometric access system, armoured doors, steel-lined walls, floors and ceilings, seismic detection and tactical teams. Bullet-proof glass and off-site monitoring are two other layers of added security that give its clients full peace of mind for their gold, art, jewellery, and other precious possessions.   

As well as getting a rare peek inside the heavily guarded vault, the lavish Christmas cocktail evening also offered discerning guests an opportunity to view the latest collection of watches by Jacob & Co. This included Jacob & Co’s revered Bugatti timepieces, based on the Twin Turbo Furious and the Epic X Chrono – directly inspired by the unique design and spirit of the supercars.
Choosing where to store valuables is an increasing problem faced by ultra-high net worth individuals – a problem which has a sumptuous solution in the form of IBV’s Grade II listed building at Mayfair. Providing the experience of a private members club and using Rolls Royce for transportation, IBV sets itself apart from the competition. IBV’s clientele are almost exclusively billionaires and they offer an impressive £100,000 complimentary insurance cover on boxes stored with them.

In 2022, ultra-secure services are in high demand from the world’s wealthiest people. Sean Hoey, Managing Director of IBV London, noted that heightened crime and environmental concerns are driving clients to store wealth in seemingly traditional ways. Further, recent reports by Bloomberg highlighted how safe-deposit boxes are back in vogue as recession fears mount.

Of the event, Sean says: “Another unique event in our world class vault. It was a pleasure to partner with Jacob&Co and witness that the guests could relax knowing they were in a luxurious and secure environment in central London ”

IBV International Vaults