GUNNA Drinks Deliver Christmas Present to Coca Cola

GUNNA Drinks Deliver Christmas Present to Coca Cola
LONDON, UK 19th December 2022- Award winning craft lemonade brand, GUNNA Drinks deliver a cheeky middle finger sculpture made of plastic cola bottles to Coca Cola with the message “Pick Up Your Crap” for Christmas. 

Following the launch of their petition to ban the use of single-use plastic bottles in the manufacture of soft drinks, GUNNA Drinks created a piece of art for Coca Cola made from their discarded plastic cola bottles. The GUNNA team hand delivered their unique ‘message made of bottles’ (in the form of a slightly naughty middle finger!) to Coca Cola’s flagship store in Covent Garden. 

The Sculpture took a tour of London’s iconic locations, including Trafalgar Square, Westminster and Oxford Street accompanied by protesters dressed as marine wildlife to show the impact these bottles are having on animals and the habitats they call home.  

Melvin Jay, Founder and CEO of GUNNA Drinks said: 

“It is time for the Big Soda companies to take responsibility, for picking up their own crap and stop polluting our planet! They could easily switch to cans or glass, but unfortunately these companies seem to love money more than they love our planet. This has to stop, so we are asking everyone to take a stand against plastic waste.”

In the UK 7.7 billion plastic bottles are used each year, with the average person in the UK now using 150 plastic bottles every year – that’s more than 3 a week. Many are discarded, and end up polluting our rivers and seas. 83% of the plastic packaging waste we throw away in the UK comes from food and drink packaging.

GUNNA Drinks pledged to be carbon negative and eliminate twice the carbon they create, making them the UK’s most carbon-negative craft soft drink. GUNNA also invests in the Clean Oceans project, which picks up plastic bottles from the ocean, so they pick up Big Cola’s mess for them.  Off the back of being carbon negative the GUNNA team have pledged to go even further with lobbying the UK government to take action against plastic bottles. 

The petition can be found HERE and GUNNA are asking for those who support the ban of plastic bottles to share this on social media using the hashtag #letscanplastic.

About Gunna Drinks

GUNNA Drinks are an award winning range of intriguingly refreshing soft drinks, with true character and style. Inspired by traditional soft drinks recipes from around the world. Less than 5% sugar, but no compromise on taste. Better for Our Planet – Every can of GUNNA, wherever it is sold, is planet positive. Meaning they offset 2g of carbon for every 1g of carbon created, by using their profits to pick up other people’s plastic bottles from the ocean. GUNNA is headed up by Founder and CEO Melvin Jay, who started crafted these flavourful lemonades in 2016. GUNNA lemonade can currently be found in Holland & Barrett, Ocado, Amazon,  Sainsbury’s and many bars and restaurants across the UK and further afield.