Massage Therapist Finds Answers to Live’s Questions After Two Years of Solitude and Writes Book

VIENNA, Austria, July 6, 2021 — Massage Therapist Finds Answers to Live’s Questions After Two Years of Solitude and Writes Book

Stefan Eberhard, a former massage therapist living in Vienna, struggled with alcoholism and several business failures. He quit his job in 2019, in search of himself and a better future. While embracing a life in solitude, he found surprising answers to many questions and wrote his first book.

“Not knowing who we are can be crushing, I wanted to share my observations with as many people as possible.“ says Mr Eberhard. “It’s the most important thing of our life. A lot of the failures people go through aren’t really their fault, but a function of an unavoidable story we build up in our heads.“

Cultural stereotypes affect us all. Regardless of circumstances or genetic factors. As Mr. Eberhard explained, “Pushing wrong information just to sell products and services led to a seemingly selfish world. There are countless culturally inspired narratives, which many people regard as universally agreed upon truths. The workings behind our reality and how these misconceptions come about stay in the dark, however. We have become numb to the tragedies we live in just to function with a fake smile on our face. The masks we wear prevent us from being seen, and many think they’re not good enough. Others will never be able to love us the way we are if we keep on perpetuating images of being happy all the time. In my book, I want to debunk these false stories and expose an underlying truth we all need to hear.“

It’s actually a two part book, Mr. Eberhard added. “The first paints the picture of the tough life of a Scottish middle manager in a Japanese grocery store, and the second helps people find out whom they actually are. I wanted to give everyone a chance to connect with it. That’s why I combined a full on adventure with a prolonged essay about the nature of truth, culture, and life.“

Not Really — The Devastating Feeling of Never Arriving and the Truth Behind It“, is available on Amazon for $9.99 for the Kindle edition and $20.99 for the paperback version. More information and samples of both parts can be found at

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